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Nathaniel Rich reviews book Angry Black White Boy: Or, The Miscegenation of Macon Detornay by Adam Mansbach; drawing (M). Intersection for the Arts’ new play “Angry Black White Boy,” based on local author Adam Mansbach’s celebrated novel, blasts through. Adam Mansbach’s Angry Black White Boy Adam Mansbach’s novel Angry Black White Boy, or The. Miscegenation of Macon Detomay. In light of the recent .

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This was honestly a struggle majsbach get through, and the ending was just terrible. Protagonist Macon Detornay, a self-proclaimed “white Bigger Thomas,” spares no one in his all-out attack on whiteness.

Angry Black White Boy by Adam Mansbach

It is evocatively written, so that the reader reacts emotionally to the characters’ thoughts and actions, includes an interesting twist or two at the end, and the storyline itself unfolds in a believable way, with the exception of a somewhat fantastical character mnsbach appears toward the end. I was not familiar with this book, or it’s author but saw it on the bookshelf of an AirBnb that my wife and I stayed at in New Haven, CT, the weekend we met our future daughter-in-law’s parents officially for the first time, and to attend a Yale Tailgate Football game – vs.

It was a cop-out. This book was good but i have to explain the 4 stars. His quick-witted critical overview of hip hop, from esteemed underground roots to overcommercialized schlock, assimilation and appropriation, pulls nary a punch in its scathing street-scholarly stance.

It started out great, then I got a bit lost, then it got great again and then I got lost again and didn’t have the strength to persevere any further. Angry Black White Boy acknowledges the assimilation of hip-hop culture by whites with a mix of resentment and resignation.


Macon makes talk show hosts admit to racist thoughts on national TV, yuppies walk home on the highway sans necktie, and ancestral baseball bigots turn somersaults in their tombs.

But adaptor as well as title-role player Dan Wolf and collaborators have pulled it off. I would add that he has also woven one heck of a good tale. Apr 21, Izetta Autumn rated it really liked it Shelves: I rate this book three out of five stars because the book is hard to follow. Now give me your wallet and that lovely tie, asshole, and get the fuck out of my cab… Hurry.

Adam Mansbach’s fatalistic portrayal of a white suburban race-traitor makes no apology for itself as an ironic backpacker remix of Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison. To move the plot shite after each step, the author repeatedly chooses easy stunts with little realism or meaning From the acclaimed author of Shackling Water comes the first great race novel of the twenty-first century, an incendiary and ruthlessly funny satire about violence, pop culture, and American identity.

Paperbackpages. As an editor, novelist, mansvach and recorded rapper under the name of Kodiak Brinks, much of whose work is apparently sampled by Detornay, a poet himself, yoMansbach has staked out some artistic turf. Within 48 hours, packs of misguided white folks are trekking to Brownsville to pay penance on his proclaimed National Day of Apology. Aug 17, Brian rated it liked it. The author pulls no punches in throwing his characters into nagry situations and letting them get messier.


Apr 19, Erin rated it did not like it. Columbia, Macon’s almost alma mater! I settled in for what proved to be an engrossing story and curiously cognizant tribute to Ellison, Wright, and the Angdy B.

It jumps to different settings quickly with little to no transitions. Black, white, young, old, racist, revolutionary; his characters are all over the place and he sketches them well. Jan 05, Jacob rated it it was ok. Alliteration, rhythm and perfectly turned phrases are sprinkled throughout. The storyline requires suspending belief, but blsck characters’ reactions to the extraordinary situations are very believable and somehow make sense.

Angry Black White Boy

Mansbach also reflects the structure of hip-hop in A good friend gave me this book – said I had to read it, she didn’t know what to think. I started reading it but did not finish before leaving on a three-week trip, and on my return, it was still on my nightstand so I jumped back in.

Take a good look. I just didn’t want spend any angryy pages with the protagonist.

Books by Adam Mansbach. Mar 21, Phoebe rated it liked it. Directed by Sean San Jose. Walking from place to place, being beaten and ridiculed by those society views as your own.

Some excellent commentary and neatly-sketched minor characters provide more than a little food for anggry — it’s a shame the plot betrays this promise so utterly.

Trivia About Angry Black White