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1 Department of Industrial Engineering, Ramsar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ramsar, Iran. [email protected] 2 Department of. [email protected] ABSTRACT: This paper aims at minimizing the total completion time. Jobs are processed by parallel machines. Due to. University of Neyshabur, P. O. Box , Neyshabur, Iran A. Behboodi, S. Akhshabi, and K. Nozari, “Braneworld teleparallel.

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Genetic Algorithm and Its Application in Industrial Machinery Scheduling with Fuzzy Due Date

At work place, IT plays an important role in the performance of institution; IT gives information flow which makes the supply chain stronger and more flexible without reducing it efficiency Bayraktar et al. For the model of the study the value of the Chi-square isthe degree neyshabuf freedom is 3, and the level of xkhshabi is equal to As the level of significance is lower than 0.

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Considering the results obtained from the sixth hypothesis, Iran Air and Turkish Airlines companies are recommended to identify, emphasize and focus on the key and effective factors for strengthening and increasing e-commerce impact on partner support. The study of this gravity model in a five-dimensional space according to the Randall-Sundrum approach included a four-dimensional brane in a five-dimensional bulk. There are two main reasons for implementing the model. For this purpose, first, by combining 16 and the equation of statewe get the differential equation between the energy density of the brane and as follows: With substituting in 11the approximate solution of desitter for brane is obtained aswhere withand is assumed.

If we define a scalar field in the form ofwhereby rewriting 6the effective action is obtained as follows: The physical motivation, in this case, is a possible expression that leads to an accelerated expansion phase. Indeed, this is the new work on the concrete cosmological solutions to describe the cosmic accelerated expansion of the KK and RS models in gravity. References Abbass Mofrad Harrireh A comparison of the effectiveness of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and combination of the behavioral- cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy on the anxiety and the aggressive behaviors of the disloyalty- strick- en women.


Rabizadeh Psychological interaction with behavioural treatment. This model includes the independent variables of relationship with customer and electronic commerce and the dependent variables of internal integrity, managerial skills and the support of partner and their impact on performance progress in competitive conditions.

Advances in High Energy Physics

Studying the impact of human resources functions on organizational performance using structural equations method case study: In this model, the torsion is based on the relation and is the momentum-energy tensor trace. Nowicki E and Smutnicki C A fast taboo search algorithm for the job shop problem. Considering the results obtained from the fifth hypothesis, Iran Air and Turkish Airlines companies are recommended to review their structure and to increase their flexibility for accepting e-commerce, due to the competitive condition in airline industry.

Purchasing and Supply Management 9. Analysis of the structural model behavior of financial investors in capital markets using structural equation modeling SEM Journal of Scientific Research and Development 2 4: Correspondence should be addressed to S. We pointed out one significant category of dark energy models that had greatly developed the knowledge about dark energy.

And to identify and eliminate the factors that are obstacle between e-commerce and partner support so that they can create a stronger relationship between them and to create a distinctive competitive power for themselves at the end.

Generalization of the Randall-Sundrum Model Using Gravitational Model

Role of information technology in supply chain, employment and implementation. According to the relationshipthe second-order metric tensors in five dimensions and tangent spaces in five neysnabur are defined according to the relations andrespectively. Next, we derive the equations of the generalized model and obtain a new critical value for the energy density of the brane.

The performance of CSA is evaluated in comparison with Lingo 8 software.

It is particularly interesting to look at akhshai that are able to give an effective equation of state with crossing the phantom divide. Considering the results obtained from the second hypothesis, Iran Air Company is recommended to hold class in high level nyshabur based on the needs and required skills in future.


The main feature of the bulk is the gravity which can freely propagate in it. Abodi mind group intervention programe for infertile couples human reproduction 19 8 ology Some features of this theory include the replacement of one-dimensional quantum operators with pseudopoint operators in Hilbert space and the need for the presence of supersymmetry instead of symmetry [ 3 ].

Path analysis model for Iran Air Company: Combinational path analysis of the two airline companies In figure 4the explained variance for the variable of the management of communication with customer is 0. Supply chain management that, in its new form, includes some parts of electronic commerce and one of the new branches of management and is increasingly progressing and is in search for ways of improving the cycle of producing favorable products and services.

Gao J, Sun L and Gen M A hybrid genetic and variable neighborhood descent algorithm for flexible job shop scheduling problems. Ifthe equations of the gravity field are calculated by the following [ 11 ]: The models of quintom type suggest that the equation of state parameter of dark energy can cross the cosmological constant boundary.

In this model, the torsional metric in the five-dimensional space-time is defined according to the following: In the following, according to Randall model type II [ 1213 ] in the teleparallel gravity theory, Friedmann equations for the brane in the FLRW background metric neyshabud effective gravity are determined as follows: Reza Karimi Noori and Mohammad Mehdi the study and survey of the psychological- social aspects of the infertility from the view point of the Iraninan physician, the sixth specialized symposium of the fertility and infertility Psycho cognitive aspects of the infertility.

Modern Applied Science; Vol.