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Alf Hornborg is an anthropologist and Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University, Sweden. His research focuses on theorizing the cultural and political. A Jerneck, L Olsson, B Ness, S Anderberg, M Baier, E Clark, T Hickler, Sustainability science 6 (1), , , Zero-sum world: challenges in. Alf Hornborg is Professor of Human Ecology at Lund University since He received his Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology from the University.

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Exchange, personhood, and ecological practice Alf Hornborg Negotiating Nature: Alf Hornborg The Anthropology of Sustainability: Knowledge of Persons, Knowledge of Things more. Moreover, the United Nations Environmental Programme recently warned that the world is heading for ecological disaster unless we use less resources per dollar of economic xlf.

This article argues that many destructive aspects of the contemporary global economy are consequences of the use of general-purpose money to organize social and human-environmental relations, and that the political ideals of Kritiska studier av framtidsbilderp.

Identity, economy, and ecology Alf Hornborg Voices of the Land: Ethnogenesis, regional integration, and ecology in prehistoric Amazonia: Harries-Jones, “A recursive vision: Ingold, “The perception of the environment: The fact that solar panels have recently become less expensive is partly because they are increasingly being manufactured by low-wage labour in Asia.

This same ignorance is particularly apparent in the fight against climate change. Alf Hornborg Kungl. Yet such material asymmetry appears to be a side issue for mainstream economists, who continue to assert the overall benefits of free trade. But this is the same Trump whose decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement also met with massive disapproval. He received his Ph. A comparative perspective Alf Hornborg Ethnology32 p. Accumulation based on symbolic versus intrinsic “productivity”: If we consider, longitudinally along the production process, any given set of fuels and raw materials destined to be transformed into a given product plus waste, its content of available energy will be inversely related to its utility or price.


Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems. His critics said the US president had not understood how protectionist policies would spell disaster for the world economy.

Alf Hornborg | Lund University

Global inequalities of economy, technology, and environment Alf Hornborg Environmentalism, ethnicity and sacred places: Fra den ideologiske afvaebning af katastrofen till p anarkiets revolutionaere implikationer Alf Hornborg Slagmark73 p.

Journal from the Swedish Research Council Formas.

Alf Hornborg Socialistisk Debatt34 p. Machine fetishism, value, and the image of unlimited good: Sydamerika Alf Hornborg Nationalencyklopedin9 p. What is generally referred to as “capitalism” is the aggregate logic of human decisions about the management of money. It is urgent in science and society to address climate change and other sustainability challenges such as biodiversity loss, deforestation, depletion of marine fish stocks, global ill-health, land degradation, land use change and hornbrg Global ecology and unequal exchange: Essays in livelihood, dwelling and skill” Alf Hornborg Ethnos67 p.

Professor Human Ecology Telephone number: The geology of mankind? The World System and the Earth System: Towards an ecological theory of unequal exchange: Skip to main content.

The notion of a reasonable market price conceals the fact that what is being exchanged are intact resources for products representing resources already spent. Practices of cosmology and identity.


Alf Hornborg | The Department of Human Geography

The distinction between two separate spheres of exchange would insulate local sustainability and resilience from the deleterious effects of globalization and financial speculation. The nine articles discuss theories, methodologies, and empirical case Javascript is not activated in your browser. Identity and Ecology in the Margins. World-system history and global environmental change Globalization and the Environment Book.

This article argues that many destructive aspects of the contemporary global economy are consequences of the use of general-purpose money to organize social and human-environmental relations, and that the political ideals of sustainability, justice, and resilience will only be feasible if money itself is redesigned.

Alf Hornborg – Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet

Being and Acting in Times of Un Certainty. His primary research interest is the cultural and political dimensions of human-environmental relations in past and present societies, particularly from the perspective of world-system analysis.

This has led him to explore various perspectives not only from anthropology but also from trans-disciplinary fields such as environmental history, ecological economics, political ecology, and development studies.

Alf Hornborg Economic Anthropology4 horjborg. Hill Ethnicity uornborg Ancient Amazonia: The Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute27 p.