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Hemoptisis amenazante secundaria a aneurisma de Rasmussen en paciente VIH Rasmussen’s aneurysm is an uncommon severe complication of pulmonary. Rasmussen aneurysm (not to be confused with Rasmussen encephalitis) is an uncommon complication of pulmonary tuberculosis and represents a pulmonary . [en] The authors report a case of an year-old boy with a Rasmussen Aneurisma de Rasmussen – relato de um caso em crianca e revisao da literatura.

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False aneurysm of the pulmonary artery induced by a Swan-Ganz catheter: Known risk factors include fema- le and older more than 60 years old patients, steroid use and hypothermia 5. N Engl J Med. Vascular involvement in systemic sclerosis scleroderma.

Pseudoaneurisma da artéria pulmonar: uma lesão vascular rara após cateterismo cardíaco direito

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Si continua navegando, consideramos que acepta su uso. Historically, pulmonary artery aneurysms were believed to be a common cause of hemoptysis or coughing up blood in tuberculosis.

You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Pulmonary artery false aneurys- ms secondary to Swan-Ganz pulmonary artery catheters.

Rasmussen aneurysm not to be confused with Rasmussen encephalitis is an uncommon complication of pulmonary tuberculosis and represents a pulmonary artery aneurysm adjacent or within a tuberculous cavity. He underwent CT pulmonary angiogram for evaluation of the cause of hemoptysis, which revealed three large Rasmussen’s aneurysms arising from the branches of right pulmonary artery Fig.

A pseudoaneurysm is defined as an arterial dilatation that does not comprise all of its wall layers, thus it is at a higher risk of rupture when compared to a true aneurysm.

Pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysms may be caused by infection, trauma, neoplasm or iatrogenic lesions, such as pulmo- nary artery rupture during right heart artery catheterization. Successful embolization of Rasmussen’s aneurysm for severe hemoptysis.


Mycotic aneurisms and pyogenic bacteria PAPs are more frequently diagnosed in intrave- nous drug users and are associated with endocarditis and septic embolization.

Case 1 Case 1. About Blog Go ad-free. Rasmussen’s aneurysm, if present, can be another treatable cause of hemoptysis in such patients. Repeat CT pulmonary angiogram confirmed the complete occlusion of all the aneurysms Fig.

SRJ is a prestige metric based on the idea that not all citations are the same. Embolization procedure technique for treating Rasmussen’s aneurysm needs special care, as being pseudoaneurysm, they are very prone to rupture and bleeding during the procedure. Ana Jaureguizar Oriol a. His right pulmonary artery was selectively cannulated via right femoral venous approach.

Special care should be taken for embolization of Rasmussen’s aneurysms, as they are very prone to rupture and bleeding. BMC Res Notes, 8pp. PAPs can have different etiologies depending on what caused the arterial wall damage, such as infection, trau- ma, neoplasm or iatrogenic lesion 1.

This coil is very soft and takes the shape of the aneurysm easily and without putting pressure on the wall, and that is why, this coil is also used for embolization in the intracranial vascular aneurysms.

Bronchial arteries in such a patient gets hypertrophied and enlarged and show rich broncho-pulmonary communications, which are the usual source of bleed. Please cite this article as: Can CT replace bron- choscopy in the detection of the site and cause of bleeding in patients with large or massive hemoptysis?

Life-threatening hemoptysis ramussen a medical emergency defined as the expectoration of over ml blood in a h period. Vascular diseases Tuberculosis Circulatory disease stubs. However, in view of their tendency to rupture, glue is considered preferable. A weakening of the pulmonary artery wall from adjacent cavitary tuberculosis is the cause of this condition: Fatal haemoptysis caused by giant Rasmussen’s aneurysm.


Rasmussen’s aneurysm – Wikipedia

Bronchial and nonbronchial systemic artery embolization for life threatening hemoptysis: Computer tomography angiography showed a pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm in the posterior basal segmental branch of the left lower lobe. Am J Roentgenol,pp. Pulmonary artery rupture associated with the Swan-Ganz catheter. Articles from Indian Heart Journal are provided here courtesy of Elsevier.

Rasmussen’s aneurysms, one large arising from anterior division and two smaller marked by arrows arising from posterior division of right inferior pulmonary artery as seen in a 3D virtually rendered image and b and c maximum intensity projections of CT pulmonary angiogram. Pulmonary artery rupture is a rare complication of pulmo- nary artery catheterization. It is a monthly Journal that publishes a total of 12 issues, which contain these types of articles to different extents.

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Although a rare pathology, pulmonary artery pseudoa- neurysms can have distinct etiologies, namely iatrogenic lesions. We report a young patient of treated pulmonary tuberculosis who had recurrent hemoptysis. Log in Sign up. See more Access to any published article, in either language, is possible through the Journal web page as well as from Pubmed, Science Direct, and other international databases.

Rasmussen’s aneurysm

For the other aneurysm in our case, as there was a long feeding pulmonary artery branch, it could aheurisma be occluded using the common Hilal coil Cook Medical without touching the Rasmussen’s aneurysms. Clinical presentation of a PAP can range from an incidental finding to a life-threatening bleeding with massive hemoptysis. This article about a medical condition affecting the circulatory system is a stub.

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