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Megamorphs#1: The Andalite’s Gift, published in May and written by K.A. in the Megamorphs series, a set of companion books to the Animorphs series. Megamorphs are four companion books in the Animorphs series writted by K.A. as Megamorphs #1, Megamorphs #2, Megamorphs #3, and Megamorphs #4. The Andalite’s Gift has ratings and reviews. Ashley said: Okay, first of all, whoever had the idea to jumbo-size Animorphs was a marketing GENI.

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It’s not actually megamoorphs more significant than a normal Animorphs book, just a little different stylistically. Applegate has a problem. The Animorphs regroup and discover that Rachel never made it to the gymnastics camp.

Rachel is just precious. All users are expected to be respectful to one another. I’ll definitely be skipping the next megamorphs book when it comes up in the chronology. So mehamorphs kind of struck home about the reality of what would happen if one of their missions ended badly.

If they can put together battle strategies and keep from mentally cracking for as long at they did, they can understand the dangers of having enemy mind readers. With respect to continuity, it takes place between Books Apr 01, Mr rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. All in all, The Andalite’s Gift is a successful ploy that paves the way for much more successful jumbo-sized books in the future, but which ultimately pales when compared to the better stories in this series.

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of the amnesia storyline—it’s so seldom used well, and more often than not serves solely to rehash character development that’s already happened, only with a built-in Magical Reset Button to return everything right back to the Status Quo by the time the story ends and leaving the audience thinking ‘Well that was pointless and a waste of time.


As much as I hate to use this excuse, they were kids when this started, and I doubt anyone that age would initially think that far ahead.

So, Rachel is walking along in the woods, angsting over the contrived amnesia plot, and then. So I was kept on the edge of my seat. I also have to suspect that Ax is going to continue to play a pretty strong role in continuing the charade that the Animorphs are all Andalite warriors. I have so many questions nowwhile Tobias clucks his disapproval from the rafters. I think this one is mostly filler, etc. I will very much need to read this. And Jake…becomes a tiger?

Animorphs was such a success by the time this book was published that they moved it from being a bimonthly series to a monthly, and added specials like t Okay, first of all, whoever animor;hs the idea to jumbo-size Animorphs was a marketing GENIUS.

Let’s never, ever do that again.

Then something very awesome happens. Furthermore, why the hell is this book even called ‘The Andalite’s Gift’?

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Notify me of new comments via email. Yeah literally it just ends. You know, some time off from the superhero stuff. Mass Market Paperbackpages. A halfway decent cartoon probably would have cost only a little more than what we ended up with, especially if they used stock footage for the morphs.

I do not know how I ever animorphw have survived junior high without this fantastic science fiction series. I just much prefer the normal pace. So while I agree her portions of the book do not build up the main megamophs thread, I believe it lays the foundation, or at least some support beams, for the main plot thread to be built upon.

I went to camp back when I was still in girl scouts, before I bit that one girl. If I was up against this thing, no lie, I’d just lie down and wait for death.


I have now remedied that, and ordered Megamorphs 1 and 4, since I also didn’t have 4. Animorphd are no other Velleeks. Actually that would be better than the Jesus fanfic.

The Andalite’s Gift

All content should be related to the Aniimorphs Book Series by K. Well, what with the whole Super-ultra-metalgaruru-morphs edition thing, they aren’t going with the usual “guy turns into a thing” type cover. Jake in the back of the truck. Now that you mention it, I remember an Ax-narrated book having a bookmark he’d taken a bite out of.

Trish October 9, at 3: It deals with Visser Four finding the Time Matrix and going back in time to change historical events to the Yeerks’ invasion of Earth even easier. This was like 10 years after it came out so it was probably worth a little money, but I was 8 so I just ripped the postcard out, tacked it up, threw it away when I got bored with it, and spilled soup on the book.

There’s only one way to deal with fear: Using stock footage for morphs and such would help bring costs down, yes, but a: Jun 27, Summer rated it it was ok Shelves: Your illustrations of the aliens have all been really great! They make me look like the Goodyear blimp. I mean there would be TONS of transformation stock footage but animorphx still be outrageously fun, for creators and viewers. The animoephs of the book is that Visser Three has a new pet ani,orphs, and has somehow set it loose on the Animorphs, who mrgamorphs aims to capture if possible can’t waste a morph capable body.