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To acquire all required knowledge to be successful with this product, BMC recommends a specific list of Learning Path for BladeLogic Server Automation 8.x. Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation enables IT. We review BMC BladeLogic Server Automation, a server configuration tool that also offers patch management for Microsoft, Linux, and other OSes.

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As patch jobs are created, change record creation is generated automatically. Your servers are the engines that run your business services, either virtual, physical or in the cloud. Easy to use and easily scalable, also provide very good support for onboarding new devices on platform.

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A Mmatch made in IT Heaven. BMC BNA can provision almost all type of devices and it provides very flexible device onboarding feature by adding new customized command XML for that devices. Based on a unique architecture that integrates configuration automation and compliance assurance, BMC BladeLogic Server Automation enables IT organizations to implement a policy-based automation solution for managing their data centers, while also ensuring highest uptime for business-critical services.

Scales easily for your environment. My co-worker would tell people “If you can sit at your desk and do it to your server, BSA can do it.

Great product with the community to back it! It was perfect for our needs!

This concept helps very low agent break down Con: In a big organization it is very natural. The installation looks fairly straightforward, but I would recommend use of BMC’s professional services here to get it done completely, assist with performance tuning, as well blarelogic providing guidance on security, layout, and even implementation of initial use cases for some real time knowledge transfer to local staff.

Please remember this point. BMC developed and integrated its Server automation suite as a on stop shop for Automation sdrver. SAAS model would be a welcome approach. At the same time, subject to automatiion constraints, it exposes sufficient detail about servers under management to ensure effective and accurate administrative activities. It also provides the ability to choose the best mechanism for delivering that OS — from traditional unattended installs, to image-based provisioning, to template-based provisioning on virtualization platforms.


More functionality out the box in respect to patching, compliance etc. Its has a limitation on a number of devices which can be onboard per application installation.

BladeLogic Server Automation Training – BMC Software

For common tasks and some not so common the functionality is already baked into the product. Automate the patching process including patch acquisition, analysis, deployment, scheduling, installation, and change tracking.

Bladelogic database create lots of lock which always causing Outage. This is done by importing vulnerability management scan data from vendors like Qualys, Tenable and Rapid 7, and mapping the vulnerabilities back to underlying patches in BladeLogic, which can be used to remediate. BladeLogic Server Automation provides the flexibility for today’s complex infrastructures and has a user community second to none!

Role-based user access gives you a high level of granularity to control access for end users.

Passive agent is one of the plus point. Tool do not provide “maintance mode” or “trial mode” for assessing impact of changes being enforced by Admin. TrueSight Server Automation Secure, compliant, and automated server lifecycle management.

Upgrades are probably the weakest area of the product, that has gotten better in the last few releases.

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation: Patch Management Overview and Analysis

Some of the products that appear on this site are from companies from which QuinStreet receives compensation. TrueSight Server Automation formerly Bmx Server Automation allows you to quickly and securely provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Very flexible server automation tool.

When a sedver or application configuration deviates from policy, the necessary remediation instructions are automatically generated and packaged, and can be either automatically or manually deployed on the server. We have had a few issues – but BMC Support quickly responds automatin resolves the issues! Typical industries are finance, healthcare, government, retailers, and service providers.


Bladelogic Server Automation is one of the finest product in the current market, which has many functionalities and it has done wonders at customer environment where ever it has been implemented based on requirements of the customer.

RBAC mechanism, which can never beat any tools in the current market 2. View full list of Data Center Management Software.

There are some good YouTube videos as well as formal education offerings to aid in this area. Further features include the ability to stage servr test patches before committing them.

Supported by a robust security model, it enables organizations to dramatically reduce operational costs, improve operational quality, and achieve operational compliance. While patching is one of the core use cases enabled in BladeLogic Server Automation, others include provisioning, compliance, configuration management, and software deployment. We also use BSA for software distribution, audits, server provisioning, and so much more because what’s not out of the serger it extendible by various methods.

Application runs very well on virtual and physical server environment. So, this is a product that is “as good as you want to write it, but you don’t often have to”.

Is Patching Dead or Alive? It works so well, in fact, most people forget serveg there. Patch physical, virtual, and cloud servers.

BladeLogic Server Automation

BladeLogic is normally offered as a platform, but there are options to purchase only the patch capabilities if required. Drive greater consistency, security and reliability through policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines.

Some combine the blaelogic