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Sixteen-year-old Anthony serves up a comic menu of love, betrayal, and revenge after taking a job at the local burger joint. Now in paperback with a striking new. Burger Wuss. A comedy of romance and revenge, set in a burger restaurant. Anthony has never been able to stand up for himself — that is, not until his girlfriend. Burger Wuss by M. T. Anderson, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It is bliss for a few months of them spending time together. Oct 14, Joe Santoli rated it it was ok. It’s only redeeming quality for me was that it was somewhat shocking and unique, but I didn’t particularly like the writing and the moral was obvious and unconvincing.

But for a book it was alright and I really liked in the book how Anthony main character never stood up for himself until finally when he girlfriend was taken he decided to man up and stand up for himself.

He begins to set a plan in motion to get revenge on the girlfriend-stealing-jerk In the end, I liked the book because of how the author chose to do things and to make something so little into a huge plot twist. This book was recommended to me by my teachers and once I heard what they had to say about it I was hooked. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The in-your face cover and strong title will make this book leap off the shelves into reader’s hands; the humor and honesty will keep the reader engaged to the end.

Burger Wuss caters to the audience of adolescent teen boys. Would you like fries with your revenge, sir? He decides to get revenge on the guy, Turner, who “stole” her, even though Turner had used her for a one night stand. Awash in the churning acidic sea of teenage angst and insecurities, the book is at times annoying, heartrending, funny and chaotic.


Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Sixteen-year-old Anthony serves up a comic menu of love, betrayal, and revenge after taking a job at the local burger joint.

Burger Wuss : M. T. Anderson :

It does have some funny parts though. It might not be so useful for books that are more interior — studies of character and so on. I work with teenagers, which is the reason I read so many YA novels, and the burver here wasn’t relatable at all.

I felt horrible for Anthony, the fact that Diana cheated on him, Turner making his life a living hell, Mike constantly accusing Anthony of screwing up, and the lack of moral support from his burgee best friends who were too into each other to even notice what Anthony was going through. Awash in the churning acidic sea of teenage angst and insecurities, Mr. I was assuming it would be a little immature just because I had judged the book by the cover.

Dec 31, Ted Ekstrand rated it really liked it. Burger Wuss is a nasty remembrance of the things that make American adolescence such a dreadful, awkward time.

Burger Wuss

Funny premise, kind of unrealistic, entertaining. It was a much better book of his and had a great plot. The audience that this book perfectly fits in to is freshman in high school who want a short read because it is interesting and contains a good plot.

Perfect YA material for a great read involving teenagers, plans, relationships and giant character ketchup dispensers. Open Preview See a Problem? But maybe it was just because he was such a loser! This is the story of a teenage boy named Anthony who falls in love and his girlfriend cheats on him with this punk named Turner.


Further, I worked in fast food before, and nothing about my experience and the one described here were connected either. So, Anthony decides to get a job at the fast food restaurant that Turner works at wuss try to ruin his life. I didn’t care for this book.

But a clumsy, stupid version. Through Anthony’s eyes, we burber what was supposed to be the average teenager fall in love, get his first job at a fast-food restaurant, go to parties where everyone gets drunk and makes out, and see burge take revenge on the person he hated most. You wanted Anthony to get payback on Turner.

I would have been yelling at Turner or burgfr at him like he was dumb. He wants to get revenge but feels bad about it. The characters were all poorly drawn.

Anyway, only a few of the scenes in the book are taken from life burgre like the scene in which someone pulls the emergency ring above the fry vat to see what will happen. It wasn’t very realistic. I found myself giggling at the humor every once in a while, but I think teenage boys would find it much funnier.

The book didn’t really appeal to me, but I think it might appeal more to teenage boys.

Anderson plots this with the precision of a fast-food marketing campaign, but his hero is more human than high concept. He does not make any “moves” on her though he thinks about it because he respects her.

How seriously do they expect to be taken? Never trusted someone who made my girlfriend leave me.