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TECHNICAL MANUAL – HOW TO USE. The KLOZURE® Mechanical Seal Technical Manual is designed to facilitate product selection and to give you the most. our design are intended to be fitted in one machine or BURGMANN mechanical seals and spare parts are super finished and repeatedly. Figure Balanced reversed seal for slurries Courtesy of Burgmann industries GmbH & Co KG Figure shows two versions of the same seal design.

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Published on Dec View 99 Download 0. Seal Supply Systemsand Components. All the technical references are based onextensive tests and our many years ofexperience.

The diversity of possibleapplications means, that they can serveas guide values only. No guarantee canbe given for a specific case unless theexact conditions of application are knowto use and confirmed in a special agree-ment.

Burgmann Seal Design Manual 15-3

buurgmann For particularly critical conditionsof operation, e. It should benoted that the maximum values of eachoperating parameter cannot be applied atthe same time. Table of Materialssee inside back cover.

Back cover flapTandem arrangement.

Dischar-ge into an external sy-stemNo. Inboard sealOutboardsealInboard seal Outboard sealInboard seal Outboard sealInboard seal Outboard sealSealOptional QuenchSealOptional QuenchSealOptional QuenchLeakage Leakage Leakage and piped awaySingle mechanical seal arrangementDouble mechanical seal arrangementsQuench arrangementsThe recommendations in the media ta-bles on pages 7 to 24 are based on thetypical case of a seal for a horizontalcentrifugal pump.

Other types of machine,installation conditions, modes of opera-tion, designers, manufacturers and ope-rators specifications, local regulationsand so on can result in a different choiceof mechanical seal.

For complex sealing duties it is always advisable for the user to consult with ourspecialist engineer. Explanations to columns 1 to Where amaterial has several commonly used de-signations and common names, it is listedin accordance with IUPAC rules withcross-referencing of its other names. Designations are listed in alphabetical order.

Alternative is a constant throughflow of buffer medium arrangement An alternative is aconstant through flow of quench me-dium arrangement 09 ; approximately0.

Mechanical seal typeIn the case of double or tandem mechani-cal seals, the recommendation applies tothe mechanical seal inboard. Materials of constructionfor inboard mechanical seals. For an explanation of the material codesand their indices, consult the material key inside the back cover of this manual.

Hazard warnings and reasonsfor recommending a double mechanical seal or quench. When compiling these seal selections and material recommendations, it was generally assumed that the machine inquestion is located in a sheltered buildingfrequented occasionally or continually bypersons coming into contact with liquid orvapour leakage of medium from all typesof sealing points. As such, considerationsof health and environmental protectionhad a strong bearing on the choice of seal category.

Mechanical Seals. Design Manual PDF

If no mentionis made to either of the reasons 1 to 5 forrecommending a double mechanical sealor a single mechanical seal with quench,it is acceptable to use a single mechani-cal seal. The decision in favour of a single me-chanical seal must be taken by the user of the machine or the contractor. As he isthe only one to know all conditions and regulations relating to the process and toassess the risks. Letters in column In its liquid,vapour or gas form, the me-dium attacks nanual skin, eyesor mucous membrane.


The carcinogens are classified in: Together with air,the medium forms gases, va-pours or dusts capable ofcausing acute or chronic manial disordersor death.

With many indus-trial materials, skinresorption of subs-tances capable of penetrating the skinwith ease constitutes a far greater risk ofpoisoning than inhalation. Substanceswhich without being toxic can cause inflammationthrough prolonged or repetitive directcontact with the skin, mucous membra-ne or eyes. Reactionsof this type cannot be prevented with cer-tainty, even ddesign the threshold limit va-lues are observed. If the working temperature lies be-low boiling point column 15 or if thesealing pressure lies clearly bugrmann the vapour pressure, a single mechanical mznual may be used with consideration ofthe duty details.

Mechanical seals with no metal parts onproduct side must therefore be used. Without auxi-liary equipment, the proper functioning of a single mechanical seal is at risk from freezing atmospheric moisture. Please notifyus of your experiences. No concentration va-lues are given for this substance in the list because mwnual is still impossible to quo-te any concentration as being designn.

With some of edsign substances, there is even a great risk from absorptionthrough healthy skin. If the use of suchsubstances is unavoidable for technicalreasons, special safety and monitoringmeasures must be taken. The seal selection takes account ofthe TLV as follows: Seal diagnosisin pumpsYou never used to know thata mechanical seal wasdamaged until you saw itsleakage, which was usuallytoo late.

Today, permanentseal monitoring by the Burg-mann MDS guards againstunwelcome surpri-ses. Because you alwaysknow the seals currentstate of performance. A simple warning system plus automatic deactivationof the pump if required provides additional safety. They are cost effective for basicapplications such as circulating pumpsfor water and heating systems.

Q1; S Q1; V G6: Q1; S Q1; V G9: Extremely rugged and reliable,they cover a wide spectrum of applica-tions in water pumps, sewage pumps,submerged pumps, chemical pumps, etc. Stationary seatsUnquoted dimensions as for Item 2. N-types1 for M3-series l21 is valid see table. All material designations according to EN The loosely in-serted seal faces are easily exchanged,permitting all combinations of materialsand stock rationalisation.

With Super-Sinus spring see page Stationary seatsUnquoted dimensions as for item no. H74 set screws with cone points ddsign.

Burgmann Design Manual – [PDF Document]

Dependent on direction ofrotation! Apart from the installati-on length of the drive collar, all fittingdimensions d1 mm 2. Double seals to EN EN specifies single seals in a back-to-back arrangement. It is possible, there-fore, to choose from the following combi-nations: Please consult the single-sealtables for dimensions. Spring loaded drive pin: MD22 drive pin 1.

  IFM SD8000 PDF

Dependent ondirection of rotation! Torque transmission via set screws withcone points. Within its operating limits itcan be put to universal use in pumpsthanks to the following attributes: Thebellows is not subjected to any torsionalstress and its ingenious design incorpo-rates several functions, as seal face carri-er, secondary sealing element and drivecollar. The seal face is driven through thespring and L-rings. There are no bondedjoints and all the face materials are inter-changeable without having to modify anydimensions.

Highly recommended for du-ties with media containing solids eg. MaterialsSeal faces and seats see table for combinations: Designations according to EN MG1S20Dimensions, items manal designationssame manua for MG 1, but with an extendedbellows tail to achieve the special fit-ting length I1S in combination with seatG Only in combination with seat G Installation proposals can be sup-plied on request. Burgmann Unitex, theinexpensive janual to seal yourpumps by way ofa cartridge.

The widespectrum of applicationsit offers in the mediumpressure and stress rangemakes the Unitex the idealway to replace packings forthe price of a shaft sleeve.

Fits all standard stuffing boxcompartments. Ask for a detailed brochure. Theseseals are rugged and insensitive to solidsin the medium. The combination of highlyresistant materials and standardizeddimensions offers great potential for stan-dardization projects. M5 Hastelloy CBellows support: The flexibi-lity of the bellows does not deteriorate inany way, ensuring that the sealing gapremains closed. The seal face carrier has an amplitudelimiter to guarantee trouble-free andsmooth running important when there isany risk of dry running.

A favourable bellows geometry pre-vents the cavities becoming clogged bymedia containing solids. An open structu-re and smooth surface enables easy clea-ning if necessary. The bellows has very good spring cha-racteristics. Its longitudinal weld seamhas no negative impact.

Axial pressure isevenly distributed by the roller bellows,guaranteeing reliable adaptation of manula face even when there are axialdeflections.

They aredesigned for extreme ranges of tempera-ture and for high-viscosity media. There isno dynamic O-ring and therefore a bel-lows seal will never hang-up. See page63 for details of the MFL65 stationarybellows seal.

Sealface positively driven to protect bellowsfrom torsional stress. Secondary sealsmade of Burgmann Statotherm. Thesprings are product protected. There is no sticking or clogging making the de-sign rugged and reliable. For prolonged operation un-der vacuum it is necessary to arrange for quenching on the atmospheric side. See inside the back cover of this manual.