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CBM/CBM Datasheet. Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd. No ,2/F,Building No.4,Keji Central Road 2,. Software Park,High-Tech Industrial. CBM Datasheet, CBM PDF, Fastest & Securest USB Flash Disk Controller. Chipsbank umptoolX [CBM CBM CBM], , (44) .. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes.

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So there was no need to ever format a ZIP diskette as “Superfloppy” see below. It might be bootable. Don’t use U3 as these are known to be non-standard.

Ada IC/IGBT/Transistor/Resistor/Capacitor: VHC08/74VHC08

Community Forum Software by IP. Some more data on cbm091 So I had a nearly unfiltered access to Interrupt 13h and to my stick.

For reference, my 3. This is not mutually exclusive. Please log in to dbm2091. Mounted first partition possible as sda blocks mounting others sda1,sda I’m in doubt, see below. Each new BIOS changed the rules. Posted 17 January – As I understand it, if the usb stick supports flipping the RMB, there is no need for these tricks. See it as a case report or experiment.


Поддерживаемые контроллеры и микросхемы памяти

Yes, that is my objective. This Sandisk is prepared with fbinst and booted all other computers I have ever used. At least it is greater than 3Fh.

What else relevant can USBDeview show? What size USB sticks did you try.

Supported controllers and memory chips

REC ” and Grub4dos command “geometry There was a jumper at the hardware to switch between both datashdet. I’m far from saying, that my used method works for anyone else but me resp. You can ID chips with ChipGenius. So it’s restricted to smaller UFD sizes.

IMHO the size of the whole stick not the partition plays an important role. I got it datasgeet e-bay some time ago, but I have NO actual Mb media.

Stock/Availability for: CBM2099

If you don’t modify internal “menu. I’ve forgotten my password. Do not forget the duplicated root FAT, when moving to a new location. Does Grub4Dos really assign fd0 or fd0,0 to it??? In a wider sense, all these mentioned legacy magnetic storage media might be called “Superfloppies”, since they had nearly or exactly the physical dimensions, look and handling of legacy Floppy diskettes.


You should be skilled to use a HexEditor, if you want to work in that field. Maybe the results of your tests reveal some important secrets of UFD booting. And I do not want to be forced by anyone to think in another way.