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Segreteria – Organizzazione meeting. Disponibilità oraria: Part Time indifferente. CCNL: CCNL Commercio Confcommercio 01/03/ CNEL – 2° Ufficio di sup CNEL – 2° Ufficio di supporto agli Organi Collegiali – Archivio Contratti denominazione stipula decorrenza. Budget Heading: Agreement number: VS// The Confcommercio, an independent political entity, promotes the development of the . EMPLOYEE FUNDS (CCNL of the Tertiary Sector, Distribution and Services).

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These programmes form the basis for the European Commission’s proposals for country-specific recommendations CSRs for each Member State. For employees hired before Marchfor dismissal without either giusta causa or giustificato motivo found by the Court, two scenarios lie ahead: Starting in JanuaryJAS slightly modified the regulation.

On the other hand, previous regulations continue to be in force for workers already employed on indefinite contracts employees still covered by law no. The law only regulates the remuneration of employees specified in Italian Civil Code, Art.

Furthermore, in March the government presented a new reform aimed at introducing amendments to the educational and vocational system in order to achieve better integration between education and training, on the one hand, and the labour market, on the other.

It will also be possible to opt for a part-time working arrangement instead of parental leave in case the staff structure provides for part-time positions.

Despite this general framework, the Budget Law established a new set of rules on private welfare schemes. For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is higher than the European Union score. Decentralised collective agreements can only step up minimum standards provided for by national collective agreements. However, these agreements apply only to enterprises and commfrcio who are members of bargaining social partners. Therefore, equality is one of the fundamental principles of the whole Italian legal system.

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Timing of the bargaining rounds NCBAs are generally renewed every two years with regard to wages, and every four years with regard to other aspects. Moreover, the act under scrutiny strengthens the tools introduced to encourage private welfare schemes by increasing the number of beneficiaries among workers, as well as by raising productivity bonuses. Work duration and its regulation in the EU Overtime regulation Unless differently provided for by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur.


The new system will concern not only workers excluding managers employed under indefinite contracts, but also: Survey respondents in Italy are also less optimistic than people on average in the EU For the ‘Yes’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score.

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Eurofound’s Governing Board represents the social partners and national governments of all Member States, as well as the European Commission. Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. Two different types of workplace-level representation co-exist in Italy: However, some protection has been introduced for self-employed workerssuch confcommmercio limiting the possibility to introduce unfair clauses in contracts by the clients, and reintroducing minimum levels of pay to be observed confdommercio some sections for example banks, insurance companies and large organisation.

Competences of the body Involved in company level collective bargaining? In some rare and particular cases that is, leading businesses or partly state-owned companiesthe government itself tries to foster, mediate, and support social dialogue.

Vocational training paritarian institutions fund company training activities — at ccno sectoral and territorial levels — that companies can decide to implement for their employees. European Working conditions survey In the framework of measures addressing retirement rules and pension benefits, and following a long phase of consultations with trade unions, the Budget Law introduced three early retirement schemes targeting people aged at least 63 who are no more than three years and seven months away from statutory retirement age: Tuttavia, come precisato dalla circolare INPS n.

Inoltre il messaggio INPS n. The perceived qualities of the seven public services presented below are lower in Italy in comparison to their EU28 averages. The same obligations shall apply to political parties, trade unions, and NGOs. Involuntary cknfcommercio workers can be defined as those working part time because they could not find a full-time job.

In relation to JACode, the newly adopted remedial act sets forth full traceability of job vouchers. Employees may receive various additional wage elements — for instance, additional monthly salaries 13th and 14th monthly payments.

The country page gives access to Eurofound’s most recent survey data and news, directly related to Italy:. For the ‘Rarely or never’ answer, Italy’s score is lower than the European Union score.

Statutory provisions concerning the scope and interaction between the level of collective bargaining remained largely untouched, while the largest unions are currently prosecuting the General Confederation of Italian Industry Confindustria for renewing rules on the industrial relations system after having finalised them with representatives of SMEs in and Equal pay and the gender pay gap No specific provisions exist as to the implementation of an equal pay structure; the whole issue is regulated by the provision against discrimination in whatever form it may occur.


The sanction consists only of compensation for damages i. At the moment, national-level agreements remain the main source of regulation. Private sector establishments with more than 10 employees. Living and working in Italy.

Individual dismissal for justified reason giustificato motivo: This is the first restructuring The overall number of accidents at work has been decreasing in recent years, both in absolute terms and compared to employment rates. RSU members are chosen by workers through an election process. Confcommecrio work is generally governed by NCBAs, confcojmercio some specific aspects regulated at firm level. On the basis of what is laid down by TU to avoid situations of excessive prolongation of bargaining rounds, social partners agreed that the proposals for renewal must be submitted six months before the expiry of the NCBA.

Training, research, welfare provision, labour market intermediation, and coordination and monitoring of local bilateral bodies active in the same fields. Finally, penalties for employers that do not abide by these rules have been increased. Decentralised bargaining may be implemented at provincial or local level too, as set out in the agriculture, construction, and craft sectors. Most information is available in English but some has been translated to facilitate access at national level.


In the past years, trade unions intensified cooperation, in particular at cross-sectoral level, with a view to tackling problems related to the economic crisis. Rest and breaks In general, rest periods and breaks shall be enjoyed consecutively.

Unless differently provided for by NCBAs, overtime work should be used sparingly and when exceptional technical or production-related circumstances occur. Unemployment rates continued to increase for all categories, except youth unemployment, which fell marginally by 0.