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Marshall Rosenberg () s-a născut într-o suburbie a orasului Detroit, Dr. Rosenberg a susținut conferințe și seminarii de Comunicare Nonviolentă. Buy COMUNICAREA NONVIOLENTA by MARSHALL B ROSENBERG (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free. Comunicarea nonviolenta – Marshall erg. 2 likes. Book.

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Fostering empathy development and conflict resolution skills.

Little says Rosenberg was influenced by Erich FrommGeorge Albeeand George Miller to adopt a community focus in his work, moving away from clinical psychological practice. According to Little, Rosenberg’s early work with children with learning disabilities shows his interest in psycholinguistics and the power of language, as well as his emphasis on collaboration.

Retrieved 21 April Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection, and Choice. The news report contrasted this with a recidivism rate of 40 percent within 5 years as reported by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project for graduates of their batterer intervention program based on the Duluth Modelsaid to previously offer the lowest known domestic violence recidivism rate. According to a biography of Rosenberg on the Center for Nonviolent Communication CNVC website, Nonviolent Communication training evolved from his search for a way to rapidly disseminate peacemaking skills.

Download Comunicarea Nonviolenta Marshall B Rosenberg

Nonvlolenta January 19, Retrieved 12 March A study examined the effects of combined NVC and mindfulness training on male inmates of the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe, Washington.

Comunicraea dialog between Rosenberg and NVC colleagues and trainers continued to influence the model, which by the late s put more emphasis on self-empathy as a key to the model’s effectiveness. Speak Peace in a World of Conflict: SAGE Open 4: A Language of Compassion 8th Printing ed.


Retrieved Mar 19, NVC proposes that people identify shared needs, revealed by the thoughts and feelings that surround these needs, and collaborate to develop strategies that meet them. A Language of Life. Several researchers have attempted nonvioelnta thorough evaluation of criticisms and weaknesses of NVC and assessed significant challenges in its application.

None of the studies she included were randomized and only three used validated instruments. To Flack, some elements of what Rosenberg says seem like pat answers at odds with the challenging and complex picture of human nature history, literature and art offer.

Nonviolent Communication

Suzanne Jones sees a substantive difference between comuunicarea listening as originated by Gordon and empathic listening as recommended by Rosenberg, insofar as cpmunicarea listening involves a specific step of reflecting what a speaker said to let them know you are listening, whereas empathic listening involves an ongoing process of listening with both heart and mind and being fully present to the other’s experience, with an aim of comprehending and empathizing with the needs of the other, the meaning of the experience for that person.

The interventions were said to reduce key violence indicators by 90 percent over a three-year period in a medium security unit, [39] and by around 50 percent in a single year in a maximum security unit.

Nonviolent Communication abbreviated NVCalso called Compassionate Communication or Collaborative Communication is an approach to nonviolent living comuniacrea by Marshall Rosenberg beginning in the comujicarea. Those who are skilled in the use of NVC may become prejudiced against those who are not and prefer to converse only among themselves.


Bowers and Moffett [37] provide a thoughtful study of the important role of empathy and human needs in mediation through the development of a theoretical model to explain the effectiveness of NVC mediation.

Coumnicarea supports change on three interconnected levels: Reportedly, one of the first acts of Satya Nadella when he became CEO of Microsoft in was to ask top company executives to read Rosenberg’s book, Nonviolent Communication. A Language of Compassion.

Marshall-Rosenberg – Comunicarea – Free Download PDF

Retrieved 21 September Retrieved Sep 22, Retrieved Dec 1, Chapman Flack, in reviewing nonviolennta training video by Rosenberg, finds the presentation of key ideas “spell-binding” and the anecdotes “humbling and inspiring”, notes the “beauty of his work”, karshall his “adroitly doing fine attentive thinking” when interacting with his audience.

The Giraffe was chosen as symbol for NVC as its long neck is supposed to show the clear-sighted speaker, being aware of his fellow speakers’ reactions; and because the Giraffe has a large heart, representing the compassionate side of NVC. Using Nonviolent Communication in Mediation. Linn 11 February