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It appears that Court de Gébelin had the essay by the Comte de Mellet in his possession Court de Gébelin’s essay is noteworthy for establishing the Tarot as a. Drawn by Court de Gebelin in attempt to show that the Tarot was Egyptian in origin, these cards represent the height of circular logic. They are far more. by Gerardo Lonardoni No Tarot scholar has ever been so often quoted and so little read as the Frenchman Antoine Court de Gébelin. He is unanimously.

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Identifying the origin of an artifact requires tremendous background information on a multitude of subjects. The Queen with a card, 4 [points]. Where gebbelin letter T appears there is no staff. The Game’s name is pure Egyptian. He was lost in winter; he reappeared in spring with a new glow having triumphed over all that warred against him. Similarly, they [played] the octave descending not ascending like us.

The four head cards of each suit may have contained geographic details for each region[: He was the quintessential free thinker which is the primary reason he is so unanimously criticized. We consider its origin, explain its allegories and demonstrate it is the source of modern playing cards, etc.

Would the surprise [shock] be compounded if we assured it was never suspected to be Egyptian, that we possessed it unknowingly, that no one had ever sought to decipher a sheet; that the fruit of exquisite wisdom is looked upon as an insignificant pile of extravagant trumps? The Trumps are of a number of three times seven; the number of cards is seventy-seven; the Fool counting as 0.

Queen of Tarot

He added that no one before him had ever guessed its noble origin, and described his surprising insight as follows. It looks like a satire against fortune and against those she rises rapidly and she lets fall with the same rapidity. He adds, very appropriately: Copyright Office before January 1, D, the Ace of Sticks; it is a real club. The Carthaginians were unlikely to instruct the Romans in gehelin use and neither would the Romans be interested in such instruction.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. An Introduction to High Magic St. This word which resembles nothing in our Western Languages, is [a] pure Eastern [word] and very well chosen: And, as the Authors definitively conclude: They are devoid of much of the very symbolism he describes and is readily apparent in the Jean Noblet Tarot for example.

He must have known from his studies of the calendar, ancient Egyptians only had three seasons: The Kouros pose with the left foot forward and the fists at the sides is typically Egyptian but the body is nude and more typical of Greek sculpture. Such is the geo-political-moral explanation more or less of this antique Game; and such must be the end all.

Perhaps the reason it remained unpublished the Table was not a genuine Ancient Egyptian artifact but a much later version perhaps Greek. His father was Antoine Courta famous religious leader of the Huguenots. I do not know if Heredotus took this fable as real; but a People capable of inventing such Romances or Milesian Fables, are capable of inventing any game.

With regard to mythology and symbology, he discussed the origins of allegory in antiquity and recreated a history of the calendar from civil, religious, and mythological perspectives. According to Plutarch, the phallus of Pamylies was triple to designate the three elements of Earth, Air and Fire [Amon, Shu, Tefnut] who had left the primeval waters and went on to create everything.

From the Magician [I] and the Wheel of Fortune [X], the [Tarot] teaches them nothing is more inconsistent in this world than the myriad States of man: Admittedly, we continually confuse the common usage of an invention in a country with its original invention: Two towers occupy the center of the [card], one at each extremity as in the famous columns of Hercules [tropics of Cancer and Capricorn], beneath and above which these two luminaries will never cross.


LE TAROT Associazione culturale

He raised fascinating and controversial issues that remain unanswered to df day. Interestingly, the crozier or heka is also absent in the Bembine Table. The sinister idea attached to the number thirteen in the Game brings us back equally strongly to the same origin. The Queen’s [crown] ends in a point.

We found her playing this game with several others.

Dummett, Decker and Depaulis: Would people not think that the informant was amusing himself by playing on the credulity of his listeners? BERTIN who has rendered great service to Cour and the Sciences by the excellent Memoires that he procured and published in China, has mentioned a unique Artifact that was sent to him from this vast Country and dated to the first ages of this Empire, since the Chinese look upon it as an inscription about the drainage of the waters of the Flood by Yao.

The king carries a Chivalric Se.

He is the intellectual grandfather of much of modern occultism. This Essay will be followed by a dissertation establishing how to gebein the game [Tarot] to the art of divination: Many are related to the principal luminaries of Celestial Geography, so to speak.

Napoleon was twelve years old, James Watt patented the steam engine and Howard Carter would not be born for another 93 years. You are commenting using your Facebook account. This Writer [Heredotus] proves another point we have mentioned in the History of gebdlin Calendar, that the statues of the Giants paraded in various Festivals, almost invariably designate the seasons.

I there cast my eyes, and at once I recognize the allegory: Otherwise, these seventy-seven figures could have been arranged in a manner as to leave almost no void in the sixth column by making each column of thirteen compartments and the sixth having hebelin.