DA PAM 25-380-2 PDF

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The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 2. DA Pam 25––2 Security Procedures for Controlled Cryptographic Items. ( Cited in para 2–) DA Pam –56 Logistics Supportability Planning and. DA Pam 25––2 Security Standards for Controlled Cryptographic Items. (Cited in para 3–) DA Pam –51 Risk Analysis for Army Property. (Cited in.

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Staked or marked locations for equipment that pertained to the unit. Reconciled the movement of repairable exchange RX items between production control and RX. Use of this form is optional.

Soldiers are responsible for using these materials to maintain performance. This will give you a quick indication on which tasks a soldier needs training. Two Questions for the Bioinformatics. Consider the following areas as a minimum: Score the soldier NO-GO if any performance measure is failed. Selected potential sites by using map reconnaissance. Verify facilities and space are available to conduct the inventory.

Review quality control procedures. Trainers and first-line supervisors should actively plan for soldier access; making it available in work areas, unit learning centers, and unit libraries.

Attained percent accountability in accordance with DA Pam It includes standardized training objectives in the form of task summaries that can be used to train and evaluate soldiers on critical tasks supporting unit missions during wartime. The unit training program should also integrate individual training with crew drills and other collective training.


Determined minimum security standard. Used highest appropriate priority designator for items being repaired for return to ORF stock. This column lists the duty positions of MOS 35W. Training is the business of all unit leaders.

Checked the demand supported shop stock records for the number of records within the control period and other considerations. Some tasks may also include detailed training information in a Training Information Outline and an Evaluation Preparation Section. Review production control procedures. Keep this information current by always recording the most recent date on which the soldier demonstrated task proficiency. Chap 7 Test essays. All open maintenance requests must be checked with the supporting maintenance facility.

Once the best site is selected, the site will be marked for location of equipment and control points. Identified SAMS-1 data backup procedures. Developing effective training is explained in detail in FM and FM Review work flow process. The person transferring the property keeps the original; the copy is provided to the person receiving the property.

Periodically, soldiers should ask their supervisor or another soldier to check their performance to ensure that they can perform the tasks. Standards are typically expressed in terms of accuracy, completeness, duration, sequence, speed, and tolerance.

Completed columns 9f l through 9f 5as locally prescribed. Review DA Pam to ensure the most current supply catalogs, component lists, technical manuals, and other related publications are used during the inventory. Submit requests for issue to replace any shortages. ORF is a 225-380-2 of selected items authorized for stockage at maintenance facilities to extend their capabilities to respond to the material readiness requirements of supported units. Evaluated physical and procedural measures needed to maintain minimum security standard.


File HR and sub-hand receipt according to ARas applicable.


Issued assets when priority designator and estimated repair time met established criteria. Ensure work order status files are maintained. AR —— —— 3. The web site offers on-line enrollment. Completed blocks 1 through 8. Commanders should use the MOS training plan when developing unit training plans.


Ensured that appropriate service and maintenance forms were completed. This section identifies references that provide more detailed explanations of task performance requirements than are given in the task summary. Enter the SM task number and abbreviated task title for the evaluated tasks in the appropriate column.

First-line supervisors know how to perform each task or can direct soldiers to appropriate training materials, including current field manuals, technical manuals, and Army regulations.