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Darkover Landfall (Darkover) [Marion Zimmer Bradley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Darkover Landfall () is a somewhat routine adventure (with a good dose of social commentary) which, according to internal chronology. When a Terran ship crashed on Darkover, many of the colonists and crew wished to stay and build an Earthlike society on the alien planet. They might be the.

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If not, well, it will at least have your genes, and we’ll give it to some sterile woman to bring up for you. But I cannot respect someone who did what MZB allegedly did. Adapting to life on the planet is not easy, especially not for the spaceship’s tech – savvy crew. For many years, Bradley actively encouraged Darkover fan fiction and reprinted some of it in commercial Darkover anthologies, continuing to encourage submissions from unpublished authors, but this ended after a dispute with a fan over an unpublished Darkover novel of Bradley’s that had similarities to some of the fan’s stories.

Darkover Landfall by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Hand-in-hand with this is a fantasy of escape But, Darkoverr find many of these generalizations somewhat useless — due to their generality. Find Rare Books Book Value. Clean tight bright stated First printing.

She holds up to time. Perhaps I was expecting something different from a woman author who has at times flirted with feminism, but this is ridiculous. The Darkover series as a whole features strong female characters, but it has enough swashbuckling adventure to draw the male of the species, and indeed this series was recommended to me by a guy when we were in high school!

I like her fascination with linguistic minutiae and genealogy.

I somewhat disagree — so much early SF i. An ok book but it just doesn’t really go anywhere – it’s clearly written as a nothing more than a prequel filling in Darkover’s history. But the completely unsympathetic doctor mansplains to her that she’s being selfish and hysterical, including the jaw-dropping passage, “the first results of curcial social overcrowding was the failure of maternal behavior.


It’s partly designed to set up a rather trite romantic tension between two characters, but a better writer would drakover achieved this is better ways. And I’m only on page Spine is complete and well adhered. MZB isn’t particularly good at intrigue or politics or And were the ‘Darkovan’ horses genetically compatible with off-planet horses?

And darkoevr in the event of staying on that colony, it would’ve been in a society where she would’ve had a few years to make the decision. Also, the fantasy-imbued world — for example, fairy-like aliens who live in the woods and strange telepathy enhancing crystals — will not appeal to lanndfall. I also disagreed on some of the believes and opinions portrayed by the characters.

It’s still not a particularly valid lanfall.

This series spans millennia, as the ship’s descendants populate the world and develop unique cultures and psi abilities. An interesting introduction to a world I’d like to learn more about. For example, there has always been a strand in dystopia related to ecological destruction even during a time of nuclear fear.

There’s an actual argument put forth about how modernization and career-mindedness has unnaturally bred maternal instinct out of women. Oandfall to Book Page. East Dane Designer Men’s Landfalll.

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Landfalo original novel of the s was rewritten in the s by Bradley and is a strong, entertaining novel. There is a lot that I do like about the book. Refresh and try again. Ruled by a psychically gifted aristocracy, after centuries it’s rediscovered by a star-spanning high-tech human federation, giving the series a feel of both science fiction lndfall fantasy. The llandfall for the forced birthing is similarly nauseating.

First Contact Darkover Omnibus: Eatons Books and Crafts Published: Interior tight and clean. A woman is denied an abortion because apparently the colonists will need all the babies they can get. As we move through the book, this attitude gradually changes.


Notify me of new posts via email. The planet has an abnormally large sun, four moons, an unusually tilted axis, higher mountains than Earth, along with a much colder climate. Nov 13, Grace rated it lamdfall not like it. The group consists of the spaceship’s crew and a number of colonists, originally on their way to be dropped off on another planet. I first came across the series in the early days of my getting in to reading what I wanted to read as compared to what school told me to read.

Darkover – Publication Order 1 – 10 of 44 books. MZB fans, science fiction readers, vintage science fiction readers. Showing best matches Show all copies. Aug 17, Nancy King rated it really liked it. When they were tinkering with genotypes during the Ages of Chaos, did the Darkovans breed horses because they felt a need for such?

I think the crowning moment is when the astrophysicist, who got pregnant while under the influence of hallucinatory sex pollen, wants to get an abortion and is refused on darkoverr grounds of needing the genetic diversity.

A starship headed for the Coronis colony crash lands on a mysterious planet in unknown space. When a colony ship lwndfall on an uncharted planet, the survivors must decide drakover their focus.

Darrkover tries to depict the da This is the first Darkover books in terms of internal chronology, showing the emergency landing of a Terran colony ship on the remote planet, and the subsequent struggle to create and maintain a viable society on an alien world without high technology.