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magic tricks forum – Sign Language by Doug Dyment – Review Bought mine from Doug direct at: Price: About $15 +. Doug Dyment’s “Penney’s From Heaven” from Neil Scryer and Friends. Max Maven’s “Positive/Negative” shared in Genii Magazine. Read once a new. From a smoke &pet free home. Saddle stiched, soft cover. 12 pgs. Look my other items! A Monograph on the Impromptu Divination.

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Ray Grismer did not invent the Zodiac anagram, I did. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings.

Doug Dyment – Sign Language / mentalism magic

All achievable, depending on how badly you wish to use it. Payment is expected within 3 days siign end of the auction. So far it has 3 tricks incorporated a tarot reading version of the planets force, T. I’d like to get one more on the list and keep the 1×7 depth. Do any of you gentlemen use the Dyment Stack. The Underground Collective has an interesting manuscript called Sensory Perception that adds laguage different twist.

The same method but a slightly different set of steps. I rolled out the formal presentation on Saturday. This made for a great telephone test, because a you could just ask someone to imagine going to Las Vegas and staying in any hotel; and b you could have the branch sequence sitting right in front of you. Sep 17, I am researching all the methods I can find with the possibility of incorporating one type or my own creation in a prop I am building.


This new version offers a significantly improved methodological construction, detailed performance instructions, and a carefully crafted script designed to more effectively shroud its modus operandi. Please feel free to ask if you have a question! Both achieve similar effects, both depend on different methodology, as such you would do well to invest time and effort into at least two methods if you wish to perfom this effect with more freedom.

Isn’t this just another presentation for the progressive anagram method? Julian Kestrel Loyal user Posts.

progressive anagrams – The Genii Forum

Jun 28, I use my own progressive anagram, because it is what I started out with. I agree with sludge, As with all things in mentalism it is vital to have at least two ways to perform any effect. This book is very interesting. Log me in automatically on each visit. Now pick another word It’s an interesting read and the concept works really well. Waters’ “Signse”, for example use particularly poor branching trees as well.


Reviews slgn prior approval before they will be displayed. You can check out the progress of this prop here www.

No cards, no coins, nothing. Try and figure that one out, Ray.

Waters start performing it, and Grismer saw one of langkage performances and months later brought out, “What’s My Sign? Ian Kendall Close up magician in Edinburgh and Scotland. I once designed a genetic algorithm that would “evolve” progressive algorithms using a simulated evolutionary style computing environment. Doug Dyment is not only a creative mind and a great writer, but also a very fine gentleman.

I have made some myself but I use the software program called Panagram which allows for biases in other languages.

Enter your video clip URL below: Ray Grismer’s what’s your sign year unknown T. Any of Doug Dyment’s material is superb. Alain Nu has a progressive anagram divination of a Zodiac sign I believe in one of his sets of notes. There’s a little to memorise, but if you’re already used to performing this fyment of magic the memory work will take you an hour or two tops.