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26 feb. Documents Similar To regulament functionare cabinet stomatologic. CF Trezoreria IaИ™i. Iasi, Suceava, Galati si retur. situatiei romilor, reafirmând dreptul oricarei minoritati, implicit al minoritatii romilor , de a participa activ drepturile si libertatile celorlalti cetateni români. III. SCOPUL SI .. cu normele si cu obligatiile internationale .. |Numarul de pacienti |. (2) Monitorizarea şi controlul exercitării profesiei de kinetoterapeut se realizează de Ordinul .. Drepturile şi obligaţiile membrilor Ordinului kinetoterapeuţilor din România. Art Membrii s) să respecte drepturile pacienţilor;.

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For the purposes hereof: Patients shall be entitled to the highest quality medical services available, according to the human, financial and material resources. The patient shall be entitled to be treated as a human being, without any discrimination. The patient shall be entitled to be informed on the available medical services, as well as on the way in which they can be accessed.

The patient shall be entitled to be informed on the identity and professional standing of the healthcare providers. Patients admitted in the hospital paclentilor be entitled to be informed on the rules and practices they must observe during their stay in the hospital. The patient shall be entitled to be informed on their health condition, on the proposed medical interventions, on the potential risks associated to each procedure, on the available alternatives to the proposed procedures, including on the risks incurred in case the treatment is not performed and the medical recommendations are not observed, as well as on the diagnosis and prognosis data.

The patient shall be entitled to decide if the information provided by the doctor would cause them suffering. The information shall be communicated to the patient in a respectful, dre;turile language, using as little specialized terminology as possible; if the patient does not speak Romanian, the information shall be provided in the mother tongue or in a language they do speak or, as applicable, a different form of drepturle shall be sought.


The patient shall be entitled to expressly request not to be informed or obligatiioe appoint another person who is informed on their behalf.

Drepturile si obligatiile pacientilor cabinet stomatologic iasi

dreptueile The patient shall be entitled to request and obtain another medical opinion. The patient shall be entitled to request and receive, upon the dismissal from the hospital, a written summary of olbigatiile investigations, of the diagnosis, treatment and care provided during the hospitalization. The patient shall be entitled to refuse or interrupt a medical investigation, undertaking written liability for such decision; the patient shall be informed on the consequences of such refusal or interruption of the medical acts.

The arbitration board shall be made up of 3 physicians for hospital-admitted patients and of 2 physicians for the patients in outpatient clinics. All pictures or video recordings of the patient in a medical unit shall require their consent, except if the images are required for diagnosis and treatment purposes drepturioe in order to prevent malpractice suspicions. The patient shall have access to personal medical data. The cases in which the patient is a danger for self or for public health are regarded as exceptions.

The patient shall be entitled to information, education and services required for the development of a normal sexual life and the health of reproduction, without any discrimination. The patient shall be entitled to choose the safest reproduction health methods in the provision of drepturioe healthcare services.

Any and all patients shall be entitled to efficient and safe family planning methods. If providers are bound to resort to patient selection for certain types of treatments that are available obligagiile a limited number, the selection shall be performed on the basis of the medical criteria only.


The medical interventions on the patient can only be performed if the required equipment and the accredited medical personnel are available. The provisions in para 1 shall not apply in the cases of emergencies occurred in extreme situations. The patient shall be entitled to terminal care so that their right to die with dignity is observed.

Drepturile si obligatiile pacientilor cabinet stomatologic iasi – plodring

The patient may benefit from the support of the family, friends, of spiritual and material support and of advice throughout the medical care. The admitted patient shall also be entitled to the medical services of an accredited srepturile from outside the hospital. The medical or non-medical personnel in the healthcare units shall not be entitled to subject the patient to any form of pressure to determine them to provide a different form of compensation than the one established under the legal payment regulation applicable to the respective unit.

The patient may offer the employees or the units where the care was provided additional payments or donations, according to the law. The patient shall be entitled to continuous medical care until their health condition improves or until they are healed. The continuous healthcare shall be provided through the collaboration and partnership amongst the various specialty or general practice public and non-public hospital and outpatient clinic units, provided by physicians, nurses or other qualified personnel.

After dismissal, patients shall be entitled to the available community services. As user of the website, I hereby grant my explicit consent as to the processing of my personal data surname, name, phone no.