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Jul 18, Wege der Zauberei (Ways of Magic) is a German supplement for the the revised 4th edition rules that are commonly referred to as DSA Jan 30, The rituals (according to rules) can now be found in the book “Wege der Zauberei. Many errata and changes are implemented in this. der kleine prinz hörbuch, dsa wege der alchemie download, wege der götter download Wege der alchemie anton und kleine vampir hörspiel dsa zauberei.

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Be advised that this and all of the following conversion articles use my house-rules for variant attribute costsfine-tuned languages and revised technique pricing — most of which make use of the half-point.

All the rules for magic | Wege der Zauberei | RPGGeek

Also the price of age-related traits is reduced. Last time in step-by-step conversion I stressed how important it is to go for the immediately useful, while still having a general idea of how the big picture should look like. So, what to do with the races? The fourth edition of DSA made the controversial choice of introducing traits for human races to the traditional mix of elves, dwarves and half-elves. Worse, it made min-maxing savage fringe races that got attribute bonuses, cultures and professions quite desirable for munchkins.

Human races are best completely disregarded barring appearance and the same goes. There are more than enough races to make playing DSA interesting without adding complications. The focus is on Northern Aventuria. I might expand this section later. Alcohol Tolerance [1] Perk: Dwarven Gear [1] Resistant: Immunities and Susceptibilities [0] Feature: Swimming counts as a hard skill Default: For anything more than a misdemeanor dwarves are supposed to be brought before their mountain king for judgement.

This applies only in the Middle Empire and not all that consistently at that. Dwarves are especially susceptible to seasickness no bonus from Resistant: If they already have Bad Temper their self-control roll is lower by two levels. Dwarves are immune to lycanthropy and also to the poison Tulmadron. Dwarves have a long list of modified attributes and smallish advantages. Note that dwarves have no disadvantages tied to race.

They are generally seen as about as trustworthy as the average human. Immunities and Susceptibilities is a catch-all term for background stuff that will rarely crop up and mostly evens out. Distributed Sleep [1] Perk: Two-voiced Singing [1] Resistant: Immunities and Susceptibilities [0]. While Elves only need 6 hours of sleep a day, they can also re-arrange their sleeping patterns to need only 2 hours a day for 3 days in a row.


If they do so, they must catch up missed sleep by sleeping double the missed hours at the end of the three-day period. Elves can sing with two voices at the same time, which is a requirement for elfsong magic.

Elves are immune to lycanthropy and rabies. Disease and especially serious. Plants from the garlic family and Stinking Mirble trigger Quirk: Elves are immune against the poison of Silky Bast, but take extra damage from narcissus poison. Sensitive Sense of Smell: Elves are extremely susceptible to stench.

Magery is on par with a standard DSA mage, but how that works out in the end is extremely dependent on whether the elf grows up in an elven culture or not. Distributed Sleep is a custom perk and Two-voiced Singing likewise. No need to make things more complicated than that. I was always mystified why DSA 4. You can pretty much negate it with a clothes-pin.

Feel free to delete this if you play a mage zaubeerei priest who constantly walks around in the readily recognizable dress of his profession. Everything else is pretty much standard. Note that the template offers a choice which sense to pick for Acute Senses. Half-Elves are basically Elves Light.

Humans are nothing special. They are the default and have no traits that differentiate them rules-wise. These were considerably more complicated to stat up than the races. The basic problem anyone doing cultural templates faces is whether to write them up as mandatory or just giving hints to the players.

I decided on a middle-of-the-way approach and gave a detailed write-up, but not a mandatory one. All cultures also list expected language proficiency levels, tech level, status range and a couple of automatic traits.

The latter appear mostly for the smaller and more exotic cultures elves, dwarves, uncivilized peoples.

In each case there are two point costs. One for just the Automatic Languages and Automatic traits and a higher one that also includes all automatic skills — a good basis to start building on. Bad Temper, Hidebound, Intolerance: Greed with the Dwarven modifier treats any offer of interesting precious metals or stones and objects made with them as giving a -2 penalty on the self-control roll. Payment in regular coin is at no penalty or bonus. Anvil Dwarves are one of the few cultures that get a straight-up attribute modifier.

All of them are trained for war from childhood and they value strength highly. Rogolan, Thorwalian, Tulamidya Status: Salasandra [1], Code of Honor: Curious, Sense of Duty: Salasandra allows members of one clan to open their souls to one another.


Treat this as Empathy Only one Person. Together with Two-voiced Singing it also enables the use of elfsong in the community of the clan. Elf is the basis of what it means to be an elf. Do not exploit nature, but zahberei something of your own for every gift your receive.


Revere your soul animal and do not hunt it. Keep a balance between creation and destruction in your own actions. Do not pursue wealth or dominance over others. They are easier to roleplay than the more remote Wood or Zaubereii Elves and the fact that they can learn more languages reflects off-the-bat reflects this. Their code of honor can still be a challenge for veteran players, though. Crowds, Shyness Inappropriate Traits: Tulamidya, Rogolan, Thorwalian Status: Contact, Social Chameleon, Talent: Faerie Empathy, Spirit Empathy; Phobia: Basic townsfolk in the Middle Empire and elsewhere.

They are a pretty varied lot and have few emblematic skills as such. Serf Second-class citizen Inappropriate Traits: Country folks need at least one skill to make a living — yes, even if they are merely herding the serfs who do the actual work.

Wege Der Helden Pdf Free Download Wege Der Götter

Superstition, Chummy, Social Chameleon; Phobia: Serf Second-class citizen Emblematic Skills: Pretty similar to the previous culture Fountlandians also represent the archetype of the clever merchant.

Fit [5], Social Regard: Meet each challenge appropriately. Rebuke weak women and haughty men. Do not evade combat, except when honor demands it.

Refrain from relationships with men. Temper your spirit and body and be hard towards yourself and others. Give a monthly blood tithe to Rondra — through combat, your own blood or animal sacrifice.

Obey the orders of higher-ranking Amazons. Playing outcast or lost Amazons will be zaubersi norm. They are also notoriously hard to integrate into wwege group of adventurers, but they do present a nice roleplaying challenge. In general, it is not necessary to stat every culture in the book.

That raises an important point: The Wegw should always be present for the main part of character creation. That goes doubly for setting conversions. A new ability or combination of traits that looked perfectly fine toa player can turn out extremely unbalancing when somebody else gives it a once-over. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games.

All rights are reserved by SJ Games.