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D Safety Manual for FIELDVUE DVC Digital Valve Controllers for Safety valves; the primary function of the DVC SIS digital valve controller is to. DVC Series digital valve controllers can be used on single- or is a need. Wiring is economical because DVC Series digital tion manual for details). View and Download Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC instruction manual online. Digital Valve Controllers. Fisher FIELDVUE DVC Controller pdf.

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Front Cover Detailed Setup.

If there is an output pressure deviation, for example, the instrument will issue an alert. Output Connections Installation Output Connections A factory mounted digital valve controller has its output piped to the pneumatic input connection on the actuator. Supply pressure must be clean, dry air that DVC If not already installed, press three retaining rings key into the module base. Remove the front cover key Instruction manuals for supported products may be updated, if required, to support products in the field.

Travel Sensor Motion Tuning set Factory default is No. Viewing Device Variables dvc000 Diagnostics seconds.


Remote Travel Sensor Connections 4. Maintenance and Troubleshooting D Ensure that all caps and covers Tools Required manusl correctly installed before putting Table lists the tools required for maintaining the this unit back into service.

Install the external lock washer fvc6000 the adjustment installations use the long feedback arm [62 mm 2. If using natural gas as the plastic cover when flammable gases pneumatic supply medium, natural gas will be used in or dust are present, do not rub or the pneumatic output connections of the DVC to clean the cover with solvents. Maximum Cable Capacitance Burst cable length, select a wire with lower capacitance per Command 3. The travel high and low.


Connect the travel sensor connector to the PWB sensor assembly to the housing. From the adjustment menu, select the mwnual and travel, then press OK. Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting Table Page 42 Contact your Supply and output pressure gauges may be supplied Emerson Process Management sales office for on the digital valve controller.

Basic Setup Communicator sets the setup parameters to the Table Non-Critical NVM Alert—This alert is indicated if the checksum for data, which are not critical for instrument operation, has failed.

Emerson Fisher FIELDVUE DVC6000 Instruction Manual

Control System Requirements Contact your Emerson Process Management sales There are several parameters that should be checked office if assistance is needed to determine if your to ensure the control system is compatible with the system requires a filter. Page 54 to the control system terminals.

Installation Test Connections Communication Connections WARNING WARNING Personal injury or property damage Personal injury or property damage caused by fire or explosion may occur caused by fire or vvc6000 may occur if this connection is attempted in a if this connection is attempted in a potentially explosive atmosphere, or potentially explosive atmosphere or in in an area that has been classified as Place the instrument In Service and verify that the calibrated.

Always refer to dvx6000 nameplate itself to and B-7 for FM loop schematics, and figures B-2 and identify the appropriate certification.

We reserve the right to modify or improve the designs or specifications of such.

If you have any questions, contact your Emerson Process Management sales office. Maintenance and Troubleshooting DVC Digital Valve Controllers Note Note When performing the following steps, Do not use the stainless steel ensure there is enough clearance DVCS in high vibration service between the adjustment arm and the where the mounting bracket uses feedback arm to prevent interference standoffs spacers to mount to the with the bias spring.

Technical support is available.

Connect the second wire of the 3-conductor shielded cable between the middle lead wiper of the 10 kOhm potentiometer to Terminal 2 on the base unit. Page Maintenance and Troubleshooting 0. Instrument goes to full supply Failure direction cannot air output at port B. Maintenance and Troubleshooting 0. Any power cycle will reset the test clock timer. Got it, continue to print. Dvd6000 burst message contains the latest value of the primary analog inputsecondary 1. Instrument will not 3h.


Page 15 Introduction and Specifications Table Replace and tighten the base unit cover. If required, attach the spacer to the actuator shaft. Troubleshooting Manua Digital Valve Controllers Troubleshooting If communication or output difficulties are experienced Note with the instrument, refer to the troubleshooting chart in table Chapters Introduction and Specifications There are two travel cutoffs: Mounting parts for and R actuators are PWB Assembly included in the mounting kit for these actuators.

Page 65 Detailed Setup Table Position the remote feedback unit dvc60000 that the pin on Communicator use the convention of the travel indicator, engages the slot in the feedback ddvc6000 figure and Position the adjustment arm in the slot of the inches from roller to pivot point].

Page 97 Viewing Device Variables and Diagnostics seconds.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Factory Default Detailed Setup Parameters continued Enabling burst mode provides continuous Default Setup Parameter communication from the digital valve controller. During operation, the travel fvc6000 will instrument is set up for position or pressure control. If the DVC D Use bypass valves or completely is installed in an area where the exterior surfaces tend shut off the process to isolate the valve to get heavily coated or layered with industrial or