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ECE R14 is one of the tests that provide the assurance of sufficient strength resistance of Value of the loads is defined by the ECE R14 regulation in function of. STATUS OF UNITED NATIONS REGULATION ECE UNIFORM PROVISIONS CONCERNING THE APPROVAL OF: VEHICLES WITH REGARD TO. To guarantee proper function of the seat belt system, belt anchorages have to resist defined static test loads that represent an vehicular impact. ECE R14 and.

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The position of the seats shall be stated in the report. In addition to the upper anchorage specified in paragraph 5. If the feet change position, they should be allowed to remain in that attitude for the moment.

Vehicles of any category with regard to their i-Size seating positions, if any are defined by the vehicle manufacturer. The same Contracting Party may not assign the same number to another vehicle rdgulation as defined in paragraph 2. However, if necessary, the vehicles regullation be subjected to some of the tests described in paragraph 6 above, selected by the technical service conducting approval tests.

InterRegs: Regulation No. | ECE – United Nations

This Annex describes a dynamic sled test that can be performed as an alternative to the t14 anchorages static strength test prescribed in paragraphs 6. For other seats, the centreplane of the occupant is specified by the manufacturer.

Side view of the support leg foot assessment volume. The basic structure of a side-facing seat or a ee of side-facing seats shall be tested according to the forces as prescribed in paragraph 6. Confirmation or refusal of approval, specifying the alterations, shall be communicated by the procedure specified in paragraph 4.

The vehicle shall be at the measuring attitude defined in paragraph 2.

If an ISOFIX anchorages system is installed at a front seating position protected with a frontal airbag, a deactivation device for this airbag shall be fitted. At the request of the car manufacturer, methods described in paragraphs 5.


Apply lower leg and thigh weights and level the 3-D H machine. If the seat is adjustable, this requirement shall be fulfilled also for the H-Points of all normal driving or riding positions, as indicated by the vehicle manufacturer.

When attached to rigid anchorage bar s with the front cross member of the SFAD supported by a rigid bar that is held at the centre by a longitudinal pivot 25mm below regukation SFAD base to allow bending and twisting of the SFAD base the movement of Point X shall not be greater than 2mm in any direction when forces are applied in accordance with Table No.

For each Isofix top-tether anchorage under a cover, the cover shall be identified by for example one of the symbols or the mirror image of one of the symbols set out in figure 13 of Annex 9; the cover shall be removable without the use of tools. As from 12 months after the official date of entry into force of Supplement 2 to the 07 series of amendments, Contracting Parties applying this Regulation shall grant type approvals only to those types of vehicle which comply with the requirements of this Regulation as amended by Supplement 2 to ede 07 series of amendments.

During the test, the minimum spacings for the effective lower belt anchorages specified in paragraph 5.

Two lower anchorages and one upper anchorage which allow the installation of a three-point safety-belt type A, or of safety-belts types Ar, Ar4m or Ar4Nm, where required by the Consolidated Resolution on the Construction of Vehicles R.

The Authority may then either: For all seats, intended solely for use or seating intended solely for use when the vehicle is stationary as well as for all the seats of any vehicle which are not covered by paragraphs 5. The minimum spacings for the effective lower anchorages specified in paragraph 5. When tested after being installed as it is intended dce be used, the rgulation is of sufficient strength to withstand, with the ISOFIX top tether anchorage the load referred to in Paragraph 6. Location of the effective upper belt anchorages see Annex 3 5.


The approval mark shall be placed close to or on the vehicle data plate affixed by the manufacturer. If the vehicle is regupation to accept other devices which do not enable the straps to be directly attached to belt anchorages without intervening sheaves, etc. Static force application device SFADdimensions. Inspection during rdgulation after static tests for safety-belt anchorages 8.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

As from 20 February for vehicles of category M 1Contracting Parties applying this Regulation may refuse to recognise approvals which were not granted in accordance with Supplement 5 to the 05 series of amendments to this Regulation.

It shall be accompanied by the undermentioned documents in triplicate and by the rehulation particulars:.

Reduce to a minimum the risk of the belt’s slipping when worn correctly; 5. If the left leg cannot be kept parallel to the right leg and the reguation foot cannot be supported by the structure, move the left foot until it is supported. Rear seats, vehicle category M 1.

The department regulayion then either: This place shall be: The test load shall be directed forward in relation to the vehicle, corresponding to the procedure prescribed in paragraph 6. Where other modes of seat adjustment exist vertical, angular, seat-back, etc.

Two anchorages may be provided if one of the following conditions is fulfilled:. The three-dimensional reference system is defined in Appendix 2 of Annex 4 to this Regulation. Parts of the vehicle within the said reference zone comply with the energy absorbing requirements set out in Regulation No 80, Appendix 6. In the case of the upper deck of a double-deck vehicle, the requirements for the centre front seating position shall apply also in the outboard front seating positions.

The position of the seats shall be stated in the report.