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New York Times Bestseller From the author of Not My Daughter comes the story of Emily Aulenbach, an idealistic young lawyer who once dreamed of. In her luminous new novel, Barbara Delinsky explores every woman’s desire to abandon the endless obligations of work and marriage – and the idea that the. A corporate attorney leaves her Manhattan cubicle for a small New Hampshire town, where she faces an agonizing choice.

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Painful as it is to return, she knows that if she is to right her life, she has to start here.

May 19, Debbie rated it liked it. Vicki and her husband own a bed and breakfast.

I should write more, but I get tired thinking about it. I wanted to love this book — I really did. Once the story go I really like Ms. At one point or another everyone searches for an escape from their busy life.

I had not read any Delinsky novels for quite some time, so I had forgotten what a pleasure these are to read. So much about it is wrong, from the cookie-cutter characters to the unnatural dialogue. Making Up, my work in progress, will be published in Emily Aulenbach is thirty, a lawyer married to a lawyer, working in Manhattan.

I think everyone has had a moment or two when they’ve wanted to just walk out of their job and not look back, get in their car and drive somewhere beautiful, where you don’t have responsibilities or stress. I loved this book. There have been times when I would love to take off and just leave I am a big Barbara Delinsky fan.

I was given the very exciting opportunity to review ‘Escape’. She wants the best of both worlds, but instead of being an adult, she waits for the answer by some means. The hometown of her best friend Vicki. The night in the woods did it.


I didn’t completely dislike it, but I don’t think it was anywhere near as good as many of her others. Jul 05, Pages.

By the way, I have no idea what the references to the wolves meant. The characters are both believable and empathetic. Yes, she thought she pefectly happy with her husband but why not tempt herself and make sure that she really is happy and although she says throughout the book that she is not going back to that town because of him, come on folks.

Will they rediscover what drew them to one another? At first she has no destination The main character in the book did just that and she ends up running back to the place where she found her first love not her current husband and where her closest girlfriend lives.

Escape Book Summary and Study Guide

This is the story of year-old Emily — wife of James, employee of Lane Lavash, and a woman who dreams of becoming a mother. She was in the town for a summer 10 years prior. This may be a dangerous decision for Emily because although the town and its relaxing atmosphere have everything to offer Emily, who needs rest and time to re-examine her life, also holds Jude Bell the wild and dangerous man she was involved bg that unforgettable summer long ago.

For the mostpart I enjoyed Escape. I normally love Barbara Delinsky’s novels, but this one didn’t delinskky feel like it was written by her.

An escape from work, family, technology, friends, obligations. Today at 5AM I dropped my significant other off at his work. So Emily escapes to the small town she stayed in the summer between college and law school, drawn back by dreams of a coyote she saw in the woods once upon a time, by a long-neglected friendship with the one woman in her life as close as a sister, and by the lure of possibly seeing her first love, Jude, one more time.

My favorite scene was when Vicki expressed how escaep she was from Emily bailing and not keeping in delinsjy. I was diagnosed nearly twenty years ago, had surgery and treatment, and here I am, stronger than ever and loving having authored yet another book, this one the non-fiction Uplift: When Vicki sees Emily she is a bit put out.


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View all 3 comments. See all books by Barbara Delinsky. It starts off being about a woman who runs away from her New York life to try to reconnect with her inner self, but ends up including wild love-making sessions in the woods, long-winded obsessions about coyotes, arson, hostage-taking, SWAT teams and her husband getting shot.

She immediately leaves the office, goes home, packs, grabs the car and leaves the city without telling barbars. They are both high powered New York attorneys with a home in the right neighborhood, and the fast paced lifestyle of the city.

Escape is the 41st stand-alone novel by popular author, Barbara Delinsky. Blueprints, my second novel with St. Again, the premise was good, but on many levels the story was slow and never did congeal as well as the author is capable.

Escape by Barbara Delinsky – book review

Even as I write this I am still torn, my gut says there was an opportunity for a great story here that was not developed. Her job is suffocating and these days she barely sees her husband James who is also a lawyer as he is so busy with work. It got off to a good start and had some action toward the end, but the majority of the story was a little too “nothing” for me, and I found myself not able to relate to the main character a lot of the time.