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User guide • Read online or download PDF • Fender FM R User Manual • Fender Receivers and Amplifiers. Download FENDER FRONTMAN R SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts. Download FENDER FMR SCH service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Answered on Dec 29, Posted on Jan 15, Be the first to answer. Contact the manufacturers mqnual service department for the schematic. Answered on Apr 24, If you verify that the guitar sounds bad on a different amp, take it in to have it setup properly.

But my roland cube 60 is much louder than this, my opinion. Answered on Dec 26, Nothing near watts of sound.

frontman 212r sch

If you are looking for an inexpensive amp for band practice or gigging, then you found it! The all black version of the Fender frontman which is only cosmetically different then the silverface once from Fender that you would normally see. If you like cars see mine here my spyspace. It takes pedals extremely bad and guitar sound like your playing hasn’t improved since you fdnder picked up a dusty acoustic guitar.

I am not sure what the point is for this amp. You can practice and gig with this awsome amp.

I like it best with my Strat and my Tele, but I wouldn’t say that any guitar sounded particularly good with it. Molded Black Handle Front Panel: By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Also check for 16 volts at each of the 50 microfarad caps nearby for the same 21r. There are seperate volume knobs and EQ knobs for each channel the EQ is three-way, bass, middle, and treble.


Please assign your manual to a product: It does indeed sound like the power amp section. I’d still manusl recommend going with something smaller if you’re just starting out, but if you insist that you need a bigger amp for gigging and still can’t pay more than a few hundred bucks, the Frontman R should suit you.

Power in is one thing power out is another, hope this helps? Also, the EQ controls are pretty weak, and they don’t go very far at all in shaping the tone.

Who would I recommend this to Lastly, on the far right there’s a reverb knob. One positive polarity with respect to ground, the other negative.

Posted on Jan 10, Be the first to answer. However, that’s not a good thing, as I like to have a little bit of breakup in the sound. Same features and lousy tone as the original amp. Very loud, definately loud enough for a small to medium sized gig two overdrive settings “drive” and “more drive” two 12″ speakers footswitch included two inputs one for passive pickups, and one for active pickups Very sensitive EQ Separate EQs for clean and gain channel Mid Contour switch for boosting mids Very good price for fenxer a good amp!

You should see about 48 volts across each cap. The drive channel also has a gain knob. Thus the guitar has very little variation in tones.

And one last thing I must mention is that this amp has two inputs, my first thought was that you could have two guitars play at the same time never triedbut then I read the manual and it said that input 1 was for passive pickups, and input 2 was for active pickups. These are in order from least to most likely. This amp has two inputs. Pull the chassis out and look closely for any breaks in the circuit board. I got this amp off of http: Most Popular Question fender frontman r cuts out Music.


If you aren’t extremely happy with the tone you’ve got, this amp is going to be tough to get a good sound out of. Its bulit very nicely everything is good except when mine came the POWER indicater light had fallen into the amp.

Fender Frontman 212R Schematic

These channels also have a Mid-contour switch that lets you dial in the perfect tone for any knid of music. Buut, the sad thing is, it’s heavy, and the on-boards effects are pretty manul useless. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest 2 x 12 combo amps that you’ll find. Answered on Oct 20, Sort by most recent most useful.

Fender Frontman R Manuals

What is this amp I will say that it is pretty heavy, though not as heavy as a half stack. If you do not know how to do this, you’re best taking it to a repair shop.

Honestly, if you are looking for a first gigging amp, or any gigging amp, i suggest you buy this beast. Also, when you are playing, if you are in the drive channel, and you would like to switch to the “more drive” setting, your sound instantly becomes louder, because the “more drive” follows the same EQ settings as your normal drive channel, you can’t set them separetly.

It has three channels that sound awful besides the clean channel. Do you have power on the secondary side?