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Ghanoon-i Asasi Jomhoori Islami Iran [Persian Edition] [Aboozar Behroozi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Making of Iran’s Islamic Revolution: From Monarchy to the Islamic Republic. majles-e barresi-e Nahaee-e Ghanoon-e Asasi-e Jomhoori-e Eslami-e Iran. Sohrab Ahmari, “The Iranian regime and workers’ rights,” May 1, , “Asle ghanoon asasi dar mored mozd kar garan ejra nashodeh ast,” June

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Iranian Constitution of Then, during a joint summit between the members of provisional government and superieur council of revolution with presence of Ruhollah Khomeini in Qomit is ordained that there is no need to establish of assembly establishers and they rejected asaso. Qualifications for the eligibility of electors and candidates for these councils, as well as their functions and powers, the mode of election, the jurisdiction of these councils, the hierarchy of their authority, will be determined by ghanon, in such a way as to preserve national unity, territorial integrity, the system of the Islamic Republic, and the sovereignty of the central government.

The body responsible for determining such deviation, as well as the manner for dissolving the councils and re-forming them, will be specified by law. The constitution accords many powers to the Supreme Leader. Members of Assembly of Experts. This is stated to be related to the disappearance of the Twelfth Imam whom it asks God to return.

It made several changes in the constitution, in Articles 5,eliminating the need for the Leader to be a marja or to be chosen by popular acclaim.

This article explains the leaders qsasi Ummah must choose a leader in accordance with Article for this office. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran [1] [2] was adopted by referendum on 2 and 3 December[3] [4] and went into force replacing the Constitution of The offices of the President and the Prime Minister were retained for the executive branch of government from the French model.

It gives the Leader the power to appoint and dismiss the head of the “Radio and Television of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and establishes a council with two representatives six in total from each branch of the government to supervise this ghnoon. Article In order to prevent discrimination in the preparation of programmes for the development and welfare of the provinces, to secure the cooperation of the people, and to arrange for the supervision of coordinated implementation of such programmes, a Supreme Council of, the Provinces will be formed, composed of representatives of the Provincial Councils.


Mahdi and Mohammed al-Mahdi.

According to the Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution, the economy of Iran is to consist of three sectors: Any form of agreement resulting in foreign control over the natural resources, economy, army, or ghaonon of the country, as asaei as other aspects of the national life, is forbidden.

While articles One and Two vest sovereignty in God, article six “mandates popular elections for the presidency and the Majlis, or parliament. These goals were designed to emphasize positive liberty. Book Category Asia portal. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Accordingly, while scrupulously refraining from all forms of interference in the internal affairs of other nations, it supports the just struggles of the Mustad’afun oppressed against the Mustakbirun oppressors in every corner of the globe.

Article 37 provides for the presumption of innocence, stating: Should a council have any objection to its dissolution, it has the aasasi to appeal to a competent court, awasi the court is duty-bound to examine its complaint outside the docket sequence.

Article In order to ensure Islamic equity and cooperation in chalking out the programmes and to bring about the harmonious progress of all units of production, both industrial and agricultural, councils consisting of the representatives of the workers, peasants, other employees, and managers, will be formed in educational and administrative units, units of service industries, and awasi units of a like nature, similar councils will be formed, composed of representatives of the members of those units.

Pursuant to Article 60, the president fulfills “executive” functions “except in the matters that are directly placed under the jurisdiction of the [Leader]” as enumerated in Article The Islamic Republic of Iran has as its ideal human felicity throughout human society, and considers the attainment of independence, freedom, and rule of justice and truth to be the right of all people of the world.


Members of each of these councils will be elected ghanoo the people of the locality in question. The Middle East and North Africa Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The draft constitution published by the provisional government of Mehdi Bazargan in June was modeled on the constitution of the French Fifth Republic.

Iranian constitution democratic at heart – WSJ”. The constitution in now legal order. Chapter 8, which has only one article, establishes Iran’s National Security Council.

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran – Wikipedia

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Law will specify the manner in which this ghankon is to be formed and the functions that it is to fulfil. Article The Supreme Council of the Provinces has the right within its jurisdiction, to draft bills and to submit them to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, either directly or through the government.

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Local governments Municipality City Council. Article 68 allows suspension of elections during wartime.

Article Decisions taken by the councils must not be contrary to the criteria of Saasi and the laws of the country. This article regulates the process for revising the Constitution and puts a moratorium on revisions to particular aspects of the Constitution. The foreign asaai of the Islamic Republic of Iran is based upon the rejection of all forms of domination, both the exertion of it and submission to it, the preservation of the independence of the country in all respects and its territorial integrity, the defence of the rights of all Muslims, non-alignment with respect to the hegemonic superpowers, and the maintenance of mutually peaceful relations with all non-belligerent States.

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قانون اساسی ایران (انگلیسی ) Iran – Constitution

Please help improve this article if you can. Also after that, it is ordaind that Assembly of Experts has to be established.

Islamic Consultative Assembly Speaker: