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Contraindicaciones absolutas: choque, angina inestable o también es posible colocar una sonda de Sengstaken-Blakemore o doble balón. sonda de Sengstaken-Blakemore, MATERIALES PROCEDIMIENTO FIJACIÓN COMPLICACIONES Lesiones en la nariz Obstrucción de la sonda Náuseas. Campos O, Alfonso L, Reyes M. Uso de la sonda de Sengstaken-Blakemore en el Byrne HY, Mar R. Cuidados postoperatorios y complicaciones de la Cirugía .

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Rev Cubana Cir [online]. Notes on the arrest of hepatic hemorrhage due to trauma. Management of the major coagulopathy with on set during laparotomy. Enfrentamiento actual del Trauma. Hypothermia and Acidosis worsen coagulopathy in the patient requiring massive transfusion.


Base deficit stratifies mortality and determines therapy. The effects of hypothermia and injury severity on blood loss during trauma laparotomy. Incidence and timing of hypothermia in trauma patients undergoing operations. Physiologic rationale for abbreviated laparotomy.


Surg Clin North Am. Cir Esp ; Predictive model for survival at the conclusion of a Damage Control Laparotomy. Development of circulatory and metabolic shock following transient portal triad occlusion. Hepatic hypoperfusion after intestinal reperfusion. Efeitos no sequestro de neutrofilos no Pulmao do Rato. Balloon tamponade for bilobar transfixing hepatic gunshot wounds.

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Exsanguination from penetrating injuries.

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Management of liver trauma. Effects of dry fibrin sealent dressings versus gauze packing on blood loss in grade V liver injuries in resuscitated swine. Multimodality treatment for grade V hepatic injuries: Perihepatic pacing arterial embolization and venous stenting.

Abdominal Packing for severe hemorrhage.

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