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Get this from a library! Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [María Rosa Berganza Conde; . Jan ; Investigar en comunicación: guía práctica de métodos y técnicas de investigación social en comunicación. [object Object]. Rosa Berganza. 5 results for Books: “Maria Rosa Berganza Conde” 1 Dec by María Rosa Berganza Conde and Pilar Giménez Armentia Investigar en comunicación.

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Born-digital media is influenced by many factors. We content-analyzed news pieces of 10 Spanish media 3 newspapers, 2 TV stations and 5 online media. Stetka, C de Vreese Publication Date: The cross-national and cross-temporal design traces the composition and development of political Investogar findings suggest that the principal determinants of journalists’ trust emanate from a country’s political performance, from state ownership in the media, and from the extent to which people tend to trust each other.

Here we introduce some of the results of the research project SEJfunded by the Ministry of Science of Innovation, based on the examination of the free and the paid daily press in Spain.

Negativity in political news: Se sugiere seguir profundizando en modelos que invesstigar explicar en mayor medida las varianzas encontradas en los dos tipos de percepciones. We discuss how media type and ownership were related to journalists’ perceptions of their own profession and cultural routines. InfluenceTrustTelevisionand Journalist. Invsetigar this background, this study investigates cross-national differences and similarities in the media’s use of news sources in their coverage of the European Parliamentary election campaigns and the extent to which the use of news sources is associated with the media’s framing of politics and the EU.

It finds that the televisual information environments of Israel and Norway offer the most advantageous opportunity structure for informed citizenship because of their high levels of airtime and a diverse scheduling strategy. The results show that detachment, non-involvement, providing Data confirmed that Spanish media depict political news in a negative way, although levels of negativity were lower than those of other European countries.


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However, there is only limited cross-national research on the media’s use of news sources and whether there are associations between the use of news sources and media framing. Impartiality, the reliability and factualness of information, as well as adherence to universal ethical invextigar are also valued worldwide, though their perceived importance varies across countries.

The cross-national and cross-temporal design traces the composition and development of political information environments with regard to the amount and placement of news and current affairs programs on the largest public and private television channels. Perceived influences comuincacin trust in political institutions of public vs private television journalists in Spain more.

In this paper, we examine how the unequal distribution and use of digital information and communication technologies DICT affects opinion leadership, and how the digital divide may determine the perpetuation cmunicacin existing endogenous and exogenous social-political inequalities within and across EU nations. This paper also describes which methodological decisions the WJS Spanish team had to take in the selection of the sample of journalists to be surveyed in a country where an official register of journalists does not exist.

Televised Advertising in the European Parliamentary Elections: Mujer publicada mujer mal tratada more. Politics of the Body. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.

: Maria Rosa Berganza Conde: Books

Principled opposition against the project of EU integration, however, can only be observed in the UK. We suggest continuing the study through explicative models that allow delving into the origin of the distrust. Instituto Navarro de la Mujer, Gobierno de Navarra.


A Comparative Study of 18 Countries more. El estudio fue desarrollado como parte del proyecto Worlds of Journalism Study. As part of the international Political Trust among Journalists: Surveying 1, journalists from seventeen countries, this study investigates perceived influences on news work.

Rosa Berganza | Universidad Rey Juan Carlos –

Political Information Opportunities in Europe: The responses to these questions will be compared to the data obtained in the WJS pilot study ofas well as with the Spanish studies mentioned above.

The Global Journalist in the 21st Century, Publisher: We study which types of issues Euroskeptic fringe and Euroskeptic mainstream parties put on their campaign agendas and the kind and extent of EU opposition they voice. Antonio Lucas, Alejandro Noboa, pp. This paper shows data from a national survey probabilistic, stratified by type of outlet and region to journalists in Spain between March and May Hampshire, Palgrave MacMillan, Editors: Introduction There is a lack of systematic research on populism and populist political communication in Spain, consisting as it does of mainly descriptive and case study work.

We also demonstrate, according to opinion leadership theory, a significant variation in the characteristics of influentials determined by disparities in development, IT infrastructures, IT implementation opportunities, and usage of the DICT. Finally, we find indicators for co-orientation effects regarding the tone of EU mobilization: To understand the role of Euroskeptic parties in the European Parliamentary elections, we draw on a systematic content analysis of parties’ posters and televised campaign spots.