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Iron Crotch. Rarest Qigong on Earth! Iron Crotch is the most talked about ancient Chinese practice! Called Jiu Jiu Shen Gong (99 Power Qi Gong. This ancient. Yang says what improved his health was “iron crotch” qigong, which he studied after meeting the practice’s founder, Tu Jin-sheng. Iron Penis (i.e. Iron Crotch) is an extreme form of kung fu training. Only the baddest-assed motherfuckers can endure the demands of Iron Penis Qigong. Master.

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Also, not everyone can learn this method.

Stand erect, with loose fists. As a matter of fact, training the sexual organ has more benefits than training any other part of your body.

Increasing testosterone levels the natural way braineggs.

Iron Crotch Qi Gong for Male Sexual Health | Natural Health by Karen

Please skip ahead to 8: Yang showed his friends the results of his daily practice. For every season there is an appropriate focus.

That’s fucking metal, man, liquid metal. What is Iron Crotch? A year earlier, his year-old student Huang Tian-Yu made the news by putting his manhood on the line. But as Tu sees it, people train rion other part of their body except their sexual organs. Master Chan is very forthright about the morality associated with doing Qigong with one’s private parts. Stand erect with your hands curled in a loose fist and your elbows elevated to the side.


Question/sharing knowledge about iron crotch qigong – General Discussion – The Dao Bums

I kind of do it already in my spontaneous movement qigong, I randomly start punching my penis for 30 minutes even while erect, picking sick qi out or jelquing. In the autobiographical book American Shaolin, Matthew Polly describes an account where he observed a master do this iron crotch exercise:.

After the weight is lifted, it is important to swing the weight like a pendulum while concentrating on the qi at the lower dantian. At higher levels of skill, the weight can be higher, and the testes can be used to tow a stone roller, lift another person, or even tow a truck.

Before attempting to lift the weight with the genitals, you need to master the qigong technique of sending the blood and the qi to a particular part of the body or to a particular acupoint by guiding it with your breathing and your mind.

Penis training is often ridiculed in the martial arts, perhaps out of envy, perhaps because it seems so absurd. How do they even tie the cloth on, and is it above or below the balls? Want to add something? Visit the Sex Portal for complete coverage. I would recommend staring there and see how that goes. I already practice it. Qogong only followed the info about the “Chi” cautiously, and gradually felt the all-rounded benefits of it. The kidney refers not only to the kidney organ, but also to the original vitality or substance of a person.

In addition to the function of advancing sex, this Iron Penis Crotch also helps strengthen and keep the male hormone —which thus also contributes to protein synthesis, supply energy, resist fatigue, prevent con-senescence, tone up physical force, strengthen immunity, and beautify skin.


Upon release, testicles will spontaneously descend again within a relatively short period of time. qigonb

Iron penis

Sit, stand or lie on your back. For years, I smoked, drank and played mahjong cotch and night. While towing a meter isn’t very far even with a ton load the size didn’t matter as much as the method. Nowadays, the environment is filled with pollution that is constantly being absorbed by the human body.

After the weight is lifted, it is important to swing the weight like a pendulum while concentrating on the qi at the lower dantian. I was told by someone in the know that it is a trick too because the kick was delivered upwards into the crotch and if you irob your genital up and tape it tight against your belly before the demonstration, it won’t hurt.

Please let us know your experiences after trying! It combines Buddhist and Taoist, as well as internal and external methods. The most common reason why people learn Iron Crotch is to prevent and cure Sexual Dysfunctional Disorders.

Repeat on the other side.