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JBL A horn for replacement or upgrade. The JBL A is a 2 inch 90 x 40 constant directivity horn. The JBL A is a high quality resonant free. Used JBL A Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Informations JBL A. Used in JBL B, C, C-HF, D, D- HF, A, B, A, Manufacturer JBL Name JBL A (2in).

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Results 1 to 13 of I am running a beherenger crossover, a b amp for top end a el34 amp for bass cabinets. Generally the setup sounds pretty good with the following exception – dont laugh!

JBLA 2-Inch Throat Medium Format Flat Front Bi Radial Horn | eBay

When playing live music and there is audience applause it sounds that the clapping is being produced through tubes ie has an echo or reverberation, also a bit on live vocals. I have tried various crossover frequencies from hz to 1. The room isnt overly live, and its not because of close listening distance around 3mit is clearly audible outside. It is almost like the is a time delay at the crossover frequency, but having said that it is evident when playing the horns only.


One recording in particular or several?

Have you got Eq in place for the 2380w horn? This unit has compensation on board specific to the Originally Posted by macaroonie. Originally Posted by clmrt.

I saw these for sale and wished I’d been able to bid! I envy your acquisition!

But with regard to your problem; I jvl when I was installing new diaphragms in my Altecs I read kbl on it and recall reading that if not properly aligned in the gap, some rubbing can occur which will make noises at certain frequencies.

Any chance it could be this sort of thing? Without hearing the problem we’re all taking shots in the dark. Show us what ya got: Originally Posted by lowpoke. Originally Posted by totaltech.

Vintage JBL A 2″ Flat-front Bi-radial Horn Lens 90 X 40 Degrees LOOK | eBay

Yep I did really well on this ebay purchase! Are you in melb? Do you hear the same thing if you only listen to one channel with the other turned completely down. Originally Posted by Mike Caldwell. If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn’t call 2380w research would we.


Originally Posted by 1audiohack. Easysest way to make the CD correction for this one, put a 4.

Sounds loads better in my opinion then thefor example, active cd correction from an M orand digital compensation is Horrid to my ears.

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