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Feisty Kat Balfour has been sent to Carlos Guerrero’s yacht, but it’s only when she’s handed an apron that she realizes she’s there to work, not. Kat’s Pride [Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard]. Home · Kat’s Pride [Kat The Golden Spaniard. Read more · Daredevil Days · Read more · The Daredevil Tycoon. Kat and Dare Devil Spaniard Kat Balfour is one of the Balfour daughters. Her father has indulged her most of her life and she’s lived a pretty.

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Jul 08, Melis rated it liked it Shelves: Probably about half of it which is sign of a really good book. She has a disaster the first night and then searches the internet for basic recipes and teaches herself how to cook. I know it’s Presents, but it just didn’t enchant me the way some others did. After that I became a cook, a photographer and, eventually, soaniard nurse. Dec 23, Amanda rated it it was ok. Heroine is angry about the whole situation and dives off the boat when she realizes she’s trapped.

It would just make it more satisfying in the end of all romances were like this one. A comprometerse con algo, y a no salir huyendo ante el principal problema. Tujuannya apa utk “memperbabu” Kat kalau akhirnya Kat tidak juga belajar?

Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard – Sharon Kendrick – Google Books

But the story ended really well. Membaca novel ini Sbg anak manja, Kat Balfour selalu mendapatkan apapun yg diinginkan.

Just love me some angst. Poor little rich girl is sent by Daddy Balfour to work on the hero’s yacht so she’ll learn not to run away from problems and the importance of commitment. It really kept me lock and loaded on the daresevil. But her dad cut her off and made her do this in hopes of teaching her lesson and help her stand her own two feet.


Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard

In fact, he was pretty much the King of Assholes — and his views of women are seriously problematic and disturbing. I hated the heroine after only a few pages. She lives in the beautiful city of Winchester — where she can see dareddvil cathedral from her window when standing on tip-toe!

Her life changed and everyone spoiled her.

Kat and the Dare-Devil Spaniard by Sharon Kendrick

This another example of what a romance should be. Trivia About Kat and the Dare They had a lot sexy passion going on. Just the whole story was really enjoyable and entertaining to see it all play out. Heroine is a rich little girl with a tragic past and a dull present. Trapped in the middle of the ocean with the most fiercely sexy and powerful man she has ever met, Kat is way out of her depth!

Kat Balfour has always lead a yhe and spoiled lifestyle. He left the ring at the height of fame as revenge and became a tycoon. Jadi betapa shock dirinya ketika tahu dia diumpankan pada Carlos Guererro, utk bekerja di yacht mantan matador terkenal ini. Another incredible romance written by author Sharon Kendrick. Seems at ten she was present when her stepfather was shot by burglars and he died in her arms.

Kat was obeying her father’s orders after scandal broke out in the Balfour family, with her believing that he was sending her away to avoid it far away vacationing on a yacht. May 01, Ladyacct rated it it was ok Shelves: Refresh and try again.


Sharon Kendrick started story-telling at the age of eleven spnaiard has never stopped. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If you like an over-sensitive and hyper critical hero hell bent on hurting the heroine verbally without any concern for her feelings or remorse until the end – all because boo hoo he grew up poor with a shitty-abusive childhood, this book is for you.

Kat and the dare-devil Spaniard

I have to read more by this author because she does create stories worth reading. It doesn’t even have any redeeming humor value. It was so good. Trapped in the middle of the ocean with the most fiercely sexy and powerful man Sep 01, Harlequin Books added it Shelves: Apr 23, Megzy rated it it was ok.

Al spaiard, no mucho It was a moment where they didn’t want to be alone. It did get up my nose in about 50 different ways, especially the “she melts like an otter pop, he despises her for it” relationship. It was really the driving force of the story.

I also loved that they had a history together before the story even started. No trivia or quizzes yet.