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, English, German, Book edition: Lohengrin: the libretto / Richard The Swan knight in Wagner’s Lohengrin: myth, history and symbolism /​ Malcolm Fox. Lohengrin, WWV 75, is a Romantic opera in three acts composed and written by Richard . 3 flutes (3rd doubles piccolo), 3 oboes, english horn, 3 clarinets in B- flat, A and C, bass clarinet in B-flat and A, .. Wagner’s libretto (in German) · Further Lohengrin discography · Recording of “Euch Lüften” by Lotte Lehmann in MP3. Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback). Price: $ Image 1. Larger / More Photos. Add to Wish List. ADD TO CART.

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Justice he now shall foil no more. First and Second Giades Analytic and Thematic. The Duke’s guardian, Count Friedrich von Telramund, has accused the Duke’s older sister, Elsa, of murdering her brother in order to become Duchess of Brabant. That wonted word of hope, On thy lips how dreadful!

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How will he answer them? Selected Piano Music with Portraits of Composers.

My heart’s compassion it doth quicken, Heav’n’s dark decree I mark with awe. Then straight be under arms by morning’s dawn, And follow him till glory’s meed be won; In dalliance soft to linger he disdaineth, While foe or danger to the land remainetn, CHORUS. ELBA tritt langsam und verschamt auf; ein longer Zug ihrer Frauenfolgt ihr, sich ziinachst an der aussersten Grenze dee Gerichtskreises im Hintergrunde haltend. ELSA What do you mean?


The King has resumed his place under the oak. Why this to me? Dank, dass den Hitter du vertrieben! She hurriedly hands Lohengrin his sword, which is resting against the couch, so that he can swiftly draw it from the scabbard, which she holds.

Ist meine Stimme dir so fremd? ELSA I would scarce be doing justice to your goodness, O mighty God who smiles upon me so, If I were to cast aside the misfortune that stoops before me now in the dust!

Ye all have heard her give her word in token That she my name and country ne’er would ask: O wife, whom I see before me in the darkness, if this be further deceit, then woe to you!

Shall Heaven’s ordeal decide if thou spok’st truly?

Mein Leid zu rachen will ich mich vennessen, Was mir gebiihrt, das will ich nun empfahn. To arouse her just suspicion stand forth, charge him with sorcery, by which he perverted the course of justice!

The englisj pick up Friedrich’s body and leave through a door in the background. The king’s herald and four trumpeters proceed to the middle. As Lohengrin tries to get in the boat, Ortrud appears.

Gebt ihr nun Fried’ und Folge dera Gebot? Elsa appears, followed by a large retinue of women. Why this to me?

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Lohengrin libretto (English) – opera by Richard Wagner

The herald advances with the rnglish trumpeters, whom he stations at the four points of the compass on the outside edge of the judgment circle and there bids them blow the challenge.

If you do not dare ask him, we will all rightsully belive that you yourself are torn with worry, that his innocence is not what it seems!

Verstoss mich nicht, wie gross auch mein Verbrechen! Ha, what is this that I hear? Der hier so hehre Wunder schuf, manch neue Tat vollbringen mag. Elsa gestures, implying the answer “nothing!

May the innocent one never be plagued lhoengrin doubts! Mit euch zu dingen nach des Reiches Recht. What can I call it, this word so inexpressibly blissful, like your name, ah!

Lohengrin: Libretto, German and English Text, by Richard Wagner (Paperback)

Doth he not seem from Heav’n descend – ed; His ra diant mien holds me enthrall’d! What seeks he here? Wie du mich schirmst in meiner Not, so halt in Treu ich dein Gebot! I came not here from night and sorrow, From blest delights I came to thee. All gaze at it uneasily and lohengriin.